"A Thing About Number Nine" Has Black and White Patterns Plus More

Very often, these blog posts that share what I think of as insights about these designer leggings I'm in love with making really focus around the design inspiration and the back story surrounding the artwork. Shop here.

The insight into this particular set of leggings takes a different approach. I don't really remember what I was thinking about or why I went in this direction, the day I designed this pattern. Sure, I was feeling all lovey dovey toward patterns and texture. But beyond that: nada. I have no insight or thrilling story.

Click to enlarge this pattern to see what design is actually printed there.

What I DO have is a serious need for you to see what this pattern looks like. I wouldn't want anyone to order these leggings without first having had a chance to see what's going on in the pattern. Because it's more than a repeating black and white circular overlay. Or set thereof. There's some colorful grungy flecks in there, too. Flecks hardly describes it, actually, but it's a start.

Seriously. Enlarge the photo depicting the artwork and make sure you can see what's happening here. There are not only repeating circles within circles to create an overall pattern. But the patterns themselves have patterns, too! If that's fun for you, go get yourself some leggings! Thank you and you're welcome!

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"What They Came For" Bold Abstract

Black, blue, red, green, turquoise, yellow, red, orange... all these bold colors combined in splashes and drips, strokes and squiggles, dots and smudges. I created the design with no plan, allowing the textures and colors emerge organically. Sheer fun.

The process was different from any before it. Because... recently I received the coolest gift. My honey bought me a digital tablet that enables me to use a stylus while working in Photoshop, and draw images that are immediately visible in a digital space. What a difference between drawing with pen on paper, then having to transfer those images to a digital format.

So for people who enjoy bold, vivid colors combined in unpredictable ways, these might be the leggings (and kimono wraps, skirts and t-shirts) for you! Here's one set of options. I've also started uploading this design to products offered by other companies...

Leggings Aren't The Only Products Sporting This Design; if you're looking for a fun, funky gift, check out these items:

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"Delivery to Another World" is a Patterned, Grungy, Old-Fashioned, Futuristic Pattern for Fall

No matter how possible it seems to watch TV or a movie while designing something I end up actually liking, I rarely succeed. I'll ultimately have to turn off the show or put down my laptop or tablet. This time, though, it worked brilliantly! I think it's because this particular design was meant to be non-linear and maybe even had some haphazard elements. And so NOT being able to really focus on what was happening and what might be a subsequent outcome turned into a benefit. I was able to be more loose with this design.

The end result, too, is hard for me to pinpoint. At once, this piece of artwork reminds me of a tattered old quilt, a fine rug that's seen better days, peeling wallpaper from that initially-scary house we moved into when I was in high school, or some of the fun background textures of a sci fi movie that pulls in a slight steampunk edge. So I finally decided that whatever the vibe, it was definitely otherworldly to me. Thus the title.

Click photo below to see other views and to purchase the leggings pictured:

I love that I ended up with a piece with great fall colors, and that this circumstance also just came to be, organically, rather than starting with a specific palette. It's how some of my favorite things happen. The pattern, too, was so interesting to me that I designed the first set of leggings, then a couple of days later went back to create the "remix" set.  They'll all be listed in my shop soon. I just had to design a kimono wrap, too. Because look at it! Doesn't this just call out for a chiffon wrap that drapes and falls around in a whispy way? With or without fringe... :)

Get other merchandise printed with this design, too!

"Light & Magic" is Another Bold Abstract Piece I Designed

Both "light" and "magic" are two words that kept coming to mind as I designed. I decided I would just combine them for a title. Among my favorite visions is a kaleidoscopic scene, reminiscent of my highschool friend's home where her architect dad collected the magic-generating devices and had them sitting all over the house. Mesmerizing, the way you never see the same sight twice. Cut to the chase and buy them here!

So "Light & Magic" is a single snippet of a kaleidoscopic vision from my mind to yours. I decided to make it available on some items in perhaps the more expected symmetrical layout, but these first leggings don't reflect the symmetry you can see in some views. I'll share that a little later on. I think I'll buy a pair of these because it's a design I see differently every time I look at it. A good sign, in my world, that I can keep enjoying it for a long time to come. I see a mug with Light & Magic on it, in my future, too.

But Not Only on Leggings & Clothing!

I'm starting to add my designs to merchandise by other companies, too. Click on the images below to view and purchases mugs, zipper pouches, stationery cards, iPad cases, round beach towels, weekender tote bags, hardcover journals and spiral notebooks featuring this design!

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"Time Makes You Bolder" Leggings Are My Favorites So Far That I Own and Wear

When I opened the package that held my first pair of leggings made from my very own digital artwork, I squealed out loud. This is the pair I took out - the "standard" design which doesn't have the wide panel you see on the yoga leggings design and which are longer than the capris - and I've worn them several times since then. Because if you owned these leggings, you would never want to take them off. Probably. Maybe. If you're like me...

As is often the case, I was in a bold, colorful, edgy kind of mood the day I designed this piece. I created layer after layer, curved it, warped it, added filters and texture effects, something Photoshop calls "blending options" and the result reminds me a little bit of feathers. Picture walking through a colorful bamboo forest (though these "feathers" don't look anything like feathers... just do the suspension of disbelief thing with me here for a minute, okay?) and having these huge long leaves, if you will, rustle around you. I want to enjoy tropical breezes when I look at this design, and I feel a little bit invincible when I wear these leggings. I also want to move my body more when I wear them, which is one of the major points of wearing leggings in the first place. "Muserie" at its finest.

For those of a specific age, you'll also recognize that the lyrics of the Fleetwood Mac song, Landslide, provided the inspiration for the title. "Time Makes You Bolder" indeed...

"Time Makes You Bolder" printed on other merchandise, too:

This design is also available on travel mugs, wall clocks, and iPhone cases from Society6, and on portable battery chargers, throw pillows and shower curtains from Pixels.com.

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"The Way She Looks at You" Colorful Artistic Goodness

When I made the piece of digital art I later called "The Way She Looks at You" I was in one of my fairly typically happy places that has to do with being in a pretty good groove where life and love are concerned. My plan to have these printed on fabric that would become unique, funky cool leggings was definitely at the forefront of my mind as I designed. I think I paused to reflect about something a friend said, mentioning me and my guy, and really you don't want me to go on. It's not necessary to know the Peaks of My Inner Sap in order to enjoy these colors and textures. Buy them here!

Speaking of colors and textures, this design has got em! I used purple and red and aqua and turquoise, green and blue and orange and yellow. There's pink and all manner of other shades that show up when you blend the colors I've mentioned before. The texture is what you might get if you spent a lot of time just dabbing glorious hues of paint with a few different brushes. And then you overlay some things, smudge others, move some around... it's the moving around that gives this one away. The fact that this was created wholly in a digital setting. Sure, I used some Photoshop brushes (my own and those commercially available online as well,) but I did not incorporate photos of any of my paintings or any partial paint swatches into this.

What I DID use, however, for a significant part of the artwork, was my new Wacom tablet. (I mentioned being in a good mood earlier? The tablet was a gift from my guy who has been more amazing than even usual lately.) I'm still learning how to use it since I'm not really much of a drawer. Ahem. I don't really draw, period, except for the Zentangle pieces I've occasionally blogged about. But this pair of leggings (or the other merchandise that will soon exist with this print on it,) has nothing to do with Zentangle.

This design has everything to do with happy color and funky textures. Wear them when you feel bold and sassy, in love and sassy, or just want to lift your mood a few levels. Because who could be sad in leggings like these?

"Poet's Fancy" Modern Grungy Abstract Art

When I designed these, way early on in my Melody Does Nothing But Design Leggings From Sun Up To The Wee Hours phase, I immediately called the finished design "Poet's Fancy". The title's origin is a mystery to me. I'm a terrible poet. Still, that's the name the design said to give it and that's the name it shall have. Buy them here.

Although you'd probably guess aqua or blue, looking through the collections of leggings I'm first offering up, or black or purple, my favorite color is red. One of the reasons I haven't designed more leggings in red is that I don't think it's as popular a color with the wider population as some of the other colors I've used. But, also, red is tricky when printed. I want to go slowly with the reds and see what happens when I buy some swatches and get some pieces from my shop. In time. Colors are almost never printed precisely the way they appear on our screens, in the first place. Your computer and mine right now are very well rendering different shades of red. Look at the color on your mobile device or another computer. You may notice the colors appear different. So be clear: we're going for a general match.

Click the Photo Below to Purchase Your Leggings!

Did I mention I love this design? I love everything about it. Grunge pleases me mightily and so do the complementary colors in the piece. Even the way the patterns turned out when they were mirrored from leg to leg, but NOT mirrored (a conscious choice,) on the waistband of the yoga leggings. That thrills me, too. In fact, if I had to choose, I'd say this is my favorite design so far. Which is pretty awesome, considering I created it before I'd learned a lot about how this whole process worked. Yay Poet's Fancy!

"She Loves Boot Camp" Red, Black, Teal & Gray Abstract Art

My friend Katie loves boot camp. Not the military kind but the kind, instead, in which - if I understand correctly - one willingly pays a decent chunk of their hard-earned money to regularly attend sessions (at what I'm sure is also an ungodly hour, because it seems the point is not only to get into shape but to also ensure the greatest amount of suffering is bestowed upon the participants,) in which the teacher/facilitator/leader (I didn't research this business; work with me,) guides them through a series of intense, seemingly-never-ending exercises. The kind that make them believe, if only for a short time, that they are literally going to die before the class is over.

Let's pause here for a wee reality check: I have never been to a boot camp session, and I have never actually asked any of my boot camp-loving friends to explain it to me. Instead, I've just spent a fairly significant amount of time designing the digital artwork that appears on this newest pair of leggings and did so allowing myself to entertain my basest stereotypical beliefs about what boot camp looks like.

I also believe you have to be a complete and utter bad ass to consider attending a single session of such a course, much less signing up for a string of them.

And I believe this to be true because of people like Katie. When we were roommates, she often participated in that PX90 trend and I sometimes wanted to die just a little On Her Behalf, it seemed that unyielding and relentless and Utterly Outside My Comfort Zone.

Click photos for other views and to buy these leggings

I prefer yoga and dancing. I didn't say I do enough of it or that I've allowed either of them to transform my body in the ways I am certain either/or/both could do. Still, we start where we start. Katie has started a boot camp experience. She lurves it.

When we hung out the other night, our conversations moved through a typical gamut of All Things That Cross Our Minds When We Finally Get To Catch Up On Our Lives. That means throughout the course of the evening, we talked about boot camp, colors, AND leggings, along with all manner of other topics.

Which is why I designed these. I think that since Katie is into teal and gray and also that she is hard core enough to consider taking such a class, a pair of leggings should be designed in Katie's honor. Don't you? I didn't start out with the black or red but sometimes the creative process introduces elements you never imagined when you conceived an idea. My friend certainly doesn't have to buy or wear them. But they're here now in celebration of my best girlfriend roommate ever and with a hat tip to one of the coolest chicks I know. If you're into boot camp, OR if you prefer to dance or do yoga, you might enjoy these leggings, too. If so, they're for you, as well. Here's to all our inner bad asses!

"Vibrancy" is Viridian Green, Royal Blue, Golden Kiwi Yellow, and Basic Black. Yay!

This is one of my designs that started with the color palette first, and then emerged when I decided to use nothing but pairs of circles. Golden Kiwi is what the Pantone Color Institute calls this shade of yellow. (Can you imagine a job that lets you name colors? Pantone has so many you'd never run out of needs for names. It's way more than the big Crayola box!) Then there's Viridian Green (which, I've learned is a pigment that consists of hydrated chromium hydroxide!) Add that your basic Royal Blue, which is perhaps referred to as royal because it bumps way up against purple, plus the blackest of blacks and voila... you have the colors for a bold, vibrant design that, like other leggings I've created, only some women would even try to pull off.

As I've mentioned elsewhere in this growing collection of digital-inspired-tales, designing leggings with circles is tricky, tricky business. And the more I do it, the more I say I won't do it again. Lies. If I say I won't, I'm just lying. I love circles, and even if it's hard and best to be handled carefully, where's the harm in trying? Because when it works, I'm always glad I did.

Enjoy the colorful circles of "Vibrancy" with these leggings, here!

Click here to visit my Art of Where shop and see what else strikes your fancy!

Here is the design that is printed on this set of leggings. Click the image to enlarge and see the full surface. Click to shop, here!

"Grownup Halloween Party"

The very short story behind this design is that these leggings have a black background with flares of orange "light" all over it. Cool and funky and just different enough to be unique but not so wacky to be crazy. (I have friends who wouldn't wear some of the bold, funky designs that I most prefer. Maybe these are for those guys.) In short, these Halloween-ish leggings are way more subtle than my other ones with a hat tip to Halloween.

Here is the abstract image that was used for designing these unique orange and black leggings.

The only real "back story" here is that I can tell you a bit about how I achieved the design, should you care about such things. Using Photoshop, I combined two of my original photos and changed up the color results until I had something I liked. And by photo I mean images that I'd achieved by intentionally blurring - in camera - the shot. One shot was looking through some trees on an outrageously sunny day, letting the leaves filter all that light. I took it out of focus and got that yummy bokeh result visual people sometimes enjoy. With the other, I shot a couple of glass bottles with round glass stoppers. And same thing: the shot was intentionally blurred to catch the reflections I'd engineered when the light bounced off all that shiny glass. Low light for high contrast. Voila. Blurry, light-based, subtle hints of color. Yes. This is what I do for fun. If it's your cup of tea, these are just for you. When the product listings are in place, you'll be better able to tell the differences between each set of designs. The first group is not symmetrical (I used a different pattern on each leg,) whereas designs two and three (one each of capris, standard and yoga leggings,) mirror the same image on both legs. You can click here to see every single design in every single style, along with a few other goodies.


"Drinkin Whiskey & Rye" is Colorful and Complex, Just Like the Song That Inspired Its Name

This pair of leggings reminds me a bit of a Jester's costume. And the song lyrics that inspired the title reminds me of a childhood friend and some of our time together circa late high school and early college. Neither the story of my youthful driving tunes NOR the Jester's costume were on my mind when I started working on the artwork that inspired these leggings. It wasn't until I began putting the photos here into my website that I realized the link between the visuals and the title. Shop now!

Instead, it went a little something like this: As the design emerged, the song, American Pie started playing in my head. And stayed there while I "threw color at the screen" and mixed it up in Photoshop. So I called the final artwork "Drinkin Whiskey and Rye" which those familiar with this pop culture icon of a song will recognize from the long, meandering lyrics. For those not familiar, there's reference to a jester in the narrative.

The artwork used on the leggings actually began as a simple group of interlinking black circle outlines, laid over each other to create odd shapes in the spaces where they connected. To these shapes I later added vivid colors. Once the entire thing was colorized and merged, through a small mountain of steps involving Photoshop filters meant to achieve a range of blurs and texture effects, I was able to create a visual that excited me. (You can buy leggings here.)

The top of the leggings are covered in black which disappears to reveal the multicolored pattern. I did create a set without the black, but friends pointed out that the imagery was a bit unsettling. Too suggestive in an unintended way. Best to use a black gradient instead. Not to mention that was an awful lot of all-over color. Take a look at the image on which the designs were based and you'll see how bold it is. There's more I'd like to do here, and so perhaps I'll play with the designs some more one day to see what else I can create in leggings. For now, here are two sets for each style. If you go visit my shop you'll see this pattern on a few other items plus another pair of yoga leggings, too.

Some of my designs are available in other merchandise, too!

"Our Kind of People" Rose Quartz Pink & Serenity Blue

The spark for this design came when the Pantone Color of the Year, 2016, was announced. Pink and blue. Or, because specifics matter when it comes to color declarations, especially one meant to define a whole year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. (I made a pair called "Serenity" too that features the palette. You can see those over here.)

But one of the fun things about deciding I get to design leggings if I want to, is looking for inspiration to change it up. Which is to say, to make sure I don't get into ruts. The day I heard the announcement about this color pairing and how the Color Institute had decided these were some colors to watch (along with a nice palette of companion colors I'm also letting myself have great fun "playing" with,) I had really been into colors you might think of as "beach colors." Turquoises and aquas and blues and hints of purple. I had to pull myself away from those and try something new. But the starting design I came up with was so much fun I couldn't stop at just one design (on 3 styles,) but instead kept playing. The end result was a total of 9 pairs of leggings (so far,) which I've shared above!

All of the results seen here were based around the image I called "Our Kind of People" not named for any exclusive suggestion but instead, the title came from thoughts of kindness and inclusiveness and how the people I - and my beloveds - most resonate to are often just plain laid-back, go-with-the-flow, generous, welcoming and the tiniest bit "hippy dippy" to quote said beloved. So there's that. Leggings already, then?

As with the others, once I start adding these to the products area of my site so they're actually "in the shop" that info will be added to this page and that detail will be crystal clear. Enjoy!

Rose Quartz pink and Serenity blue are the color pairs that the Pantone Color Institute chose for Color of the Year, 2016. Click the image here and you can read even more on their official website.

This is the original design around which the, "Our Kind of People" merchandise is designed.

"A Trek to the Park" Pink & Black, Modern Stripes and Circles

Sometimes you just need some pink leggings. Or some pink and black leggings. OR some pink leggings with circles on them.

What I'm noticing just now is that what I've designed using this art piece, for the standard leggings and the capris, are fairly different from what I did on the yoga leggings. At times that happens, but if ever I've made such a design decision and someone really really wants a different style with the look of one of the others, I'm willing to do what I can. Time-permitting. Since I love the idea of being able to create a huge tribe of happy customers for my leggings designs, if you have a wish, please don't be afraid to ask.

I have no idea where the title came from. No tangible inspiration or back-story, this time. It just came to me. I liked it. I used it. Boom. Problem solved.

Besides all that, there's nothing much more to say: they're pink leggings with grungy black stripes and angles and there's a bit of light reflecting through them and they have circles and when I see them I feel happy. Maybe you will too!

If you click on the two images to the right, beneath the 3 shots above, the photos will enlarge and you'll get a better sense of the texture and lines.

"Canna Reflections" Unique, Organic Patterned Green & Red Leggings

When I saw the vivid red veins in the lines of an original photo I shot one morning last summer, just outside my front door, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if I extended the lines and made a repeating pattern. So I had to find out! (Shop here.)

The results made me happy enough that I decided to prepare the image for printing on leggings.

If you like the Canna plant - or, more specifically, its leaf - then perhaps you'll get a kick out of these leggings. Or, perhaps you don't know anything about Cannas, or care... but you like red and green!

Buy these leggings here.

"Why Not Trick or Treat" - A Design for Halloween Lovers

Hey Halloween! Are you one of the people who can pull these off? Alas, I suspect I am not. But I cannot wait to see these leggings on one of my friends. Or if you're not my friend yet but you buy them, I'd love to see your photos! These make me laugh with happiness. Because how can you not love biggole orange polka dots?? When I was designing these (and actually afterward when I was designing the dresses that feature this design,) I couldn't help but think that I was designing the dresses especially for Penelope Garcia. That woman could most certainly pull off clothes with this pattern. Like a boss.

You can buy these leggings, plus dresses, skirts, beanies and more, by clicking here!

I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get this new project launched in time for Halloween 2016 because when I designed them I was certain there would be time. Still, you don't just have to wear them during the holiday season. Whatever your take on the holiday, or orange polka dots in general, here's your link. Go check out your purchase options. (Hint: it's way more than just leggings!)

If you're a fan of the ghouly holiday but can't see yourself in these, I have a couple of other pairs and some more ideas running through my head. Try this link and see.

"Cracking Open" is A Graphic Based on Photos of Ice on a Frozen Lake

"Cracking Open" is a design based on some photos I once shot of my friend's frozen lake. There's also a photo of some blurred lattice work near a different lake. Through the magic of Photoshop, this is the result I achieved. The colors are mostly black then purple and very dark blues with a gradual appearance of a sort of teal nearer the bottom, where you see most of the evidence of the lattice. Because it's so very dark, the pattern is subtle. But where the ice crystals are evident, the texture is intriguing to me. Leggings seem the ideal surface for printing such imagery.

"Alice Has Great Legs" Abstract Grunge Artwork with Alice In Wonderland Text

The words on the two sides of these grungy, highly-textured leggings are from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I've learned that this book is in the public domain and therefore I can, without hesitation, use the words in my unique designs. What a perfectly delicious find, and one - I might add - that Alice herself would surely, most certainly approve of!

In a minute I'm going to come back to this story of the little girl who took enthralling adventures. (If you don't enjoy stream-of-consciousness back-stories, please stop reading right this minute. Your doing so will increase the likelihood that you continue to - if you do in the first place - like me. And enjoy my site.) But first I want to tell you the other fun connection I have with the title of this artwork. My friend Alice Bachman is an artist. Quite a good artist, in fact, and though I don't spend nearly as much time with her as one would hope, given my high regard for her, I think she's quite an incredible person. At the beach last summer, we had ourselves a wee adventure, in fact, that allowed us - while sort of getting lost - to share all kinds of fun personal stories from times before we knew each other. Maybe not as interesting as those of Alice the fabled little girl, but we had no complaints.

My friend, Alice the Artist, has, quite simply, an incredible pair of legs. Conveniently, she also has one of the most fun wardrobes of any women I know, and can rock a pair of black and white print leggings like few can get away with. I'd already named this pair of leggings before I realized the double meaning behind my declaration that "Alice Has Great Legs" and loved realizing my "accidental" coincidence.

Now I'm going to tell you a long, rambly story about my relationship with the story of The More Famous Adventuring Alice. Of course more recently there was a 3D movie that starred the most memorable Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. It was, strangely enough, the first 3D movie I've ever seen. I saw it with my ex, to whom - oddly enough - I referred in this very website just today, in the Back Story about the Printed Muserie project... and his daughter. Who just started college. Aaaaagh! Speaking of boyfriends: the one I have now, and plan to keep, often attracts the attention of strangers (women, of course,) who come up to him and ask if anyone's ever told him he looks like Johnny Depp. Though less the Alice's Friend version and more the pirate version. Who ever said you can't have your own adventures in your everyday life?!

The main back-story, though, is not about boyfriends at all, but instead is about my relationship to this classic tale of a little girl whose adventures were so fantastical that they were rumored to have been conjured by the influence of opium or something similar. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is among the most important books I know of, when I consider my knowledge of children's literature. It's left a fairly big impression on me. Oddly enough, I've never read the actual book. Yes. I have an English degree. Today it seems wise to put the classic on my personal reading list. But today, too, I'm going to continue reminiscing about my odd little relationship with Little Girl Alice Who Adventures.

Instead of reading this book, I have, instead, watched the movie. With a guy whose name I can no longer recall, but we're going to call him Mark. My recollections of the movie are always and forever tied up with memories about where I was and how I came to be watching this movie with Mark. (As well as eating the shrimp dinner he so graciously-if-not with ulterior motives, I eventually realized, prepared for me.) And generally getting very creeped out and wanting my parents more than I had ever want to see my parents in my 20 something years, before or after. Those were tricky times, the early twenties.

I now have Go Ask Alice - White Rabbit running through my head. Which, prior to the aforementioned non-date with the aforementioned creepy guy, I never recalled hearing. He was shocked and a little judgey that I had never seen the movie and, too, that I wasn't more familiar with the music of The Band That Changed Its Name So Very Many Times Who Can Possibly Keep Up? (But who am I to judge anybody for changing their mind about anything whatsoever? I mean, seriously.) And in case you're wondering, the band was - I've just learned - called Jefferson Airplane at that phase in their incarnation. You can have this song running through your head too, if you like. Just click here!

For quite a lot of years after the non-date that I should never have been on in the first place, which - incidentally, took place in a town about 100 miles from where I lived, that tidbit being only one of the reasons the whole thing was so traumatic, I couldn't hear this song without getting cold chills and wanting to call my parents just to check in and feel safe again. To be clear: he didn't do anything to me. I was not abused in any way, shape or form (as they sometimes say,) nor remotely harmed. But the clarity I gained that night, in all my youthful innocence, that I had put myself into a position that could have gone so terribly wrong was never forgotten. And is, fascinatingly, forever wrapped up in the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

How, I wonder, does one wrap up such a story within a story within a story? Perhaps by saying that somehow, more than 20 years after seeing this movie and discovering this haunting song I now quite enjoy, I have the much-welcome skills to enjoy creating graphics that feature the very words of this "fictional nonsense" and making one simple, tiny contribution to the massive collection of creative expression that was spawned by one (not even his real name) Lewis Carroll. That he was a mathematician just makes it all the more fascinating in its hat tip to how delicious it is to me that things just don't fit into tidy boxes. 

This Very Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season and tho it's slow to arrive, it's definitely on its way. And if Fall is on the way, why not get ourselves ready for colors suitable for Fall. Since we're going to have to put our linen away sooner or later. (I wrote this a good bit earlier than it actually got published. Ahem.)

Once again, these colors used in these designs were chosen from the Pantone Fashion Color Report, Fall 2016. Riverside (blue), Spicy Mustard (yellow) and Dusty Cedar (the other one. Does it fall in the neighborhood of brick? I think I might have used that word, had the Pantone Color Institute not given me the name.) Not a bad combination at all, though I'm not sure I can pull it off. Who's to say if they don't try, maybe?

It was fun creating this pattern that was not-completely-unlike a honeycomb. There are layers upon layers of filters I used in Photoshop to turn what started off as a loooooot of color blocks into what you see here. Of course the results equally make me think about a lot of constellations in the sky, only linked up. And without the midnight blue. You get my point, though. The abstract nature of these designs also hint at fall leaves laying on the ground, just waiting to be raked. Ahem. Or kicked. Forget the rake for a while. Enjoy!

"Just One More Lap"

Here is a unique set of leggings I designed that feature a sort of a plum-meets-wine-meets-fig intense purple-maroon in a grunge design, overlaying the Pantone pink shade from the 2016 Fall palette the call Bodacious Pink. So maybe these leggings were made for a woman who sometimes feels like a girly girl but is just as often a badass tomboy. Click here to see other views and shop for a pair!

Of course when you start to think about it, that declaration I made up there about who the leggings are for... doesn't that include most of us? Show me a woman who doesn't occasionally like to dress up and be pretty, but who can hang as tough as you wanna get, any time she feels like it. That really is most of us. If not all of us. So yay. These leggings are for you! If you wear pinks and purples, and don't mind some textures that look a little like paint splatters meet drips running down a wall meets aged, cloudy, hazy textures. You get the point.

Check out all options with this pattern. Here's what the original artwork looks like, on which these designs are based:

"Sparkle & Shine"

The purple-fades-to-teal ombre effect of the leggings' background is a nice gradient, anyway. But then I sprinkled the bottom area with a bunch of happy white stars. Because. You can buy these leggings here.

Notice that you have two options in the Yoga Leggings design; I couldn't settle on one idea for the way I wanted the waistband to look. Then I realized I didn't have to choose just one! So you have options; who doesn't like options?

These leggings are an awful lot like "Sparkle Plus" and I did that because I like to keep us all on our toes. I think (since I designed them back-to-back, on the same day,) I was imagining letting one of them go once I chose a clear winner. But that never happened. So if you decide to buy a pair of these, Be Sure You're Buying The Pair You Actually Mean To Buy. Not to scare you, or anything.

Click here and you can see other items printed with this pattern!

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