Muserie Jewelry

After an 8-10 year hiatus from jewelry design, I started making it again this year. For several months, I prototyped, studied new techniques, designed, and kept my honey from having panic attacks when I started bringing torches in the house. You know: the usual stuff. Right about the time I wrote a blog post that declared what I'd been doing in secret and that soon I would open an online shop to sell my jewelry, this other thing happened, somewhat by accident. This thing made it necessary to put down my torches and hammers and glue and spend all my spare time in other endeavors. But that phase is **coming to an end** now, and I'm about to start making jewelry again. I'm elated. The photos below provide a behind-the-scenes snippet of some of my fun.

But What's This Muserie Business?

Early this year, sometime around March, I was pondering ideas related to the word "muse" along the lines of what that even was, and how some ordinary people end up getting called muses while others seem to feel helpless to seek out and embrace inspiration. I got a little excited when I realized I pretty much live my life wrapped up in a concept I was just naming. "Muserie" encompasses the tips and tricks we employ every day, in small and large ways, that help us move through life more inspired and more creatively productive. You Can Read About it Over Here.

And That Has Something to Do with Jewelry?

Around that same time, I realized that after many years, I was suddenly, surprisingly, dying to make jewelry again. All. Kinds. Of. Jewelry. The kinds of pieces I pick out for myself when I'm looking for a certain kind of creative inspiration. It was occurring to me that maybe we can be our own muses. Sure, it can be a little more complicated than picking out a pair of earrings, but not always! I made this jewelry and sometimes I fell in love with it and so did my friends. I sold a few pieces, just to test the waters. People were pleased. I was pleased. My mama was pleased. All the good things. So. I'll be getting back on that soon.

Coming Soon: a line of jewelry to help inspire your own creativity when you need a little boost.

Stay In the Loop

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A Wee Caveat

**At the top of the page, I suggested the thing that kept me from my jewelry design was coming to an end. It's vital for me to explain: even though I've been designing leggings, along with the daily freelance Squarespace website client work that has provided me inspiration for more than 10 years, neither of those activities will be stopping. I simply needed to get the mechanism up and running that would let me easily sell my leggings, organize the designs, offer some insight that also assists with helping to market the designs to people I don't know yet but whom I'd like to find me through search engines. That took much more time than I care to elaborate on. But now that it's mostly come together, I can back off a bit. Now I'll be able to do the surely-necessary tweaking as I invite my friends to explore and give me insight, and - happiest of all - continue designing new pairs of leggings. AND, that activity will get scheduled alongside my website work and my... dum dum de dum: jewelry designs! I cannot wait to get that going again so I can finally make that shop I promised myself and you, a bit more than a few minutes ago...