- actively seeking out creative inspiration on a daily basis. Handcrafted artisan jewelry by Melody Watson.


Muserie, the concept, is about finding what inspires us most. It's about learning how to be our own muses. When you pick a pair of earrings to wear on a bland Tuesday because you always feel kick-ass when wearing those: that's muserie. When you put on a bodacious, bold, artsy pair of leggings knowing you're not in the mood to work out but every time you put them on you can't help but move your booty: that's muserie. Muserie is a creative approach to self-trickery (if you will) that requires no participation of others. Unless you choose their participation.

I make things. "Muserie" is where the inspiring items and the mindset come together. While I blog about inspiration and the concept, I also I offer goodies to help you ramp up your personal muserie. (Good for gifts, too!) What kinds of goodies? Among many other things: I design jewelry. And leggings. They're different from my Squarespace websites, in that they're tangible, though it still relates. I've been creating (many more of) the things while reworking how I share those things. So my site is evolving on a daily basis. This page will improve. But the message remains: I want to help you be your own muse. And since MY own muse demands that I create things, all those creations are going to need good homes. Perhaps your home.

Understanding Muserie

The concept emerged from a recurring pattern in my life. I'd noticed for a few years that the words "You're my muse" and "I'm not creative like you" and "I wish I were creative so I could have that attitude," kept coming up more and more. So I started exploring the ideas surrounding muses and whether or not we might, in fact, become our own muses. 

Then I started thinking about some of the tricks I employ to kickstart my own creativity on any given day. I started making jewelry again, and pretty soon, my ongoing digital artwork started calling out for tangible expression. So I began pulling together some collections of merchandise printed with my designs. It's all very exciting over here and has the potential to provide you with enormous pleasure, too, if you like to buy creative things for yourself and as gifts! Just follow the links above and check back here for more announcements. (If all you want to do is skip the back stories and shop, go here and buy now!)

Tying it All Together

Ultimately, Muserie will be presented in more straightforward sections: Muserie Jewelry for those handcrafted items, and Printed Muserie for my "Print on Demand" work. Print on Demand includes but is most definitely not limited to the leggings I design. Not by far. But let's get those launched, and we'll take it from there!