Mixed Media

At any given time, I have a project or 70 in the works. Among my favorite works of others' art to enjoy are mixed-media pieces and the numbers of ideas running through my head would be a thing to behold if I could just get them out and show you.

Alas, there is no mixed media gallery to show you. I have, however, begun work on a piece I'm in love with. The piece you see here. This is intermittent work. It's not out of the question that I like where I am so much now, while being equally afraid that I'm going to muck it up... so I just stop. Either that or I piled my plate too high. (Interesting New York Times article for those who are interested in pondering the phenomenon of our incessant sense that we have to always stay busy. Just seemed worth mentioning. Tangentially, I need to work on the banner graphics for my A.D.D. blog. You were saying?)

This piece delights me. I've loved tearing the paper. I've loved mixing the colors. I've loved loading up the brush, and I've loved gluing the torn pieces. Still, it just sits there, in the back room of my boyfriend's house. Propped against the wall with some good art. Not mine, but I like to think it's in good company. Still, when I launch this new site, a honkin pile of tasks will be complete. Will it be possible that I can schedule more time on this piece?

Time will tell. Read the blog post here.