Intermittent Instagram Addiction

Very late to this particular *addiction, it blew my mind that I was able to snag a username like "visuallearner" for such a worldwide visual playground. Sometimes life is awesome like that. Instagram changes so much because of the Instant Gratification Factor. Not to mention funky filters and border options I initially liked to play with. Still, sometimes you have to be productive in other ways. So far so good. When I do post to Instagram, those images show up here for a time. Enjoy! Most recent uploads:

*It's safe to say I kept a careful eye on the "Instagram addiction" seeing as how I posted less than 15 images in a one-year stretch. It's better that way. Though of course now that it's on my radar, I'm wondering if I wouldn't enjoy playing in this space just a smidge more than I have been. Always pondering...

If you want to connect on Instagram, that'd be fun! Remembering "visuallearner" will make me very easy to find there.