Digital Art

During the summer of 2016, I began making digital art that had a tangible purpose. As opposed to the untold hours of just making art for art's sake, and for the pleasure of learning new skills. I began designing work that can be printed on merchandise. The industry known as "Print on Demand" makes it possible for artistic folk to have their work printed on virtually anything. I initially started down this path a couple years ago when I wanted to create my own greeting cards. This year I did that again, then started getting excited about some of the other options available to me. Leggings are what really got me going. To see - and wear - clothing that has my very own artwork printed on it is indescribably cool. I'm going to have quite a lot more to say about that in the coming weeks. For now, if you want to check out my work on that front - printed on 3 styles of leggings, silk scarves, kimono wraps, dresses and more - click here.

I'm self-taught at many of my artistic pursuits, which is not as accurate as it might sound, since not only is there a lot of trial-and-error to my process, but there are also a string of untold videos and narrative-based tutorials I've studied and perused (depending on their quality combined on which side of the bed the A.D.H.D. Goddess woke up on that morning,) and so I certainly can't take credit for any knowledge that seeped into my brain from those sources.

What I know is that it's enormously rewarding and a honkin pile of fun to get to "play" in this manner when I make the time. I'm making much more time for these endeavors now than ever before and my fingers are crossed that I can say that for a long time to come.

In a Chicken Or Egg-esque exploration, it's hard to know if my website design work happened because of what I wanted to do graphically, or if I've taken this quest as far as I have because of what I've enjoyed about my online work. As with most such queries, the origin likely doesn't matter as much as the happy result.

That you can do this with a computer makes me, as a traditional fine artist, very nervous.
— A prolific, well-established artist friend I don't yet have permission to quote.

One of the coolest compliments I ever received, related to my digital art:

Here are some other graphics from quite a while back. About the banner-esque graphics seen in the collection below:

I did these for fun. They helped me learn some things, blow off some creative steam, and brainstorm some new ideas. There is much benefit in play. These were created years ago and yet looking at most of them now still gives me pleasure. So I'll leave them if only for that reason alone. Unlike the slides above, you'll have to either click the arrows on the sides, or thumbnails below, to change the view. Thank you for taking a look!