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When "creative" and "Attention Deficit Disorder" are among the more frequent labels people grab when speaking of you - and when those people are on target - it can be challenging to fit your primary interests into the tidy boxes mandated by "best practices" and "polite society". A lifelong challenge has been finding the balance between the urge to care way too much about "shoulds" and not remotely giving a damn. Polarities swirl around here often. But it's fun!

In-process watercolor pencil abstract.

The pages in this section are dedicated to helping me more effectively share some tidbits about my relationship with creativity. The "dabbler" label I've sometimes worn doesn't always sit well with me, but it's clear there's some truth, too. If not open to exploring all interests that arrive, however, how could I be true to my creative wiring? Ultimately, my work is enhanced by my creativity, and my creativity is inspired by my work.

Why would one settle for a one-dimensional version once this option had been presented?


I fell in love with Zentangle last summer. It turned out to be a little more addictive than many of the creative avenues I've turned down. Here's a blog post to tell you a bit more.

Because there's a necessary ebb and flow connected with all the creative avenues I explore, some of the areas I've included here get put on the back-burner from time-to-time. As mentioned in the caption of the array of Zentangle tiles above, (aside from photography, which rarely gets neglected,) this is the creative outlet that's getting most of my attention these days. I look forward to sharing more about that soon!

Creative Outlets

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I took a long hiatus from blogging during the past few years. Attempts to resume a regular posting schedule haven't succeeded. But I'm working on it. Again.