Muscles you didn't know you had

Oh... My... Goodness.

The second I opened my eyes this morning, I knew something was wrong. I knew because I actually felt my arm when I moved it. And then my thigh...

Turns out horseback riding takes muscles you never think about. Okay, I'll be fair. Maybe you're in better shape than I am. Maybe you know, and think about, all your muscle groups...and use them regularly. Me? Not so much.

Apparently I'm going to have to schedule another ride as soon as possible. Having that much fun and exercising that many parts of my body at the same time? Yea, this could be a good thing. With long-term benefits that go far beyond the mental strength and emotional confidence-building elements with which I can see this activity providing me more of.

Nobody's gonna' want to hear all the whinin' and moanin' I'll feel like doing today and since I'm about to go to Marcy's for a glazing session (Woo hoo! All my pendants are bisqued and I started glazing last night, while watching The Next Food Network Star, - they're down to two!) I thought I'd give myself a few minutes to blog my "suffering" then get over it.

I wonder if I can glaze standing up today?

PS: Guess who didn't think to wear sunscreen yesterday, either?