Why that last 1/2 Adderall will save my butt today

I've been saving it. I guess you'd say "for a rainy day," or "in case of emergency," and today I found myself thinking, "If I don't get a new prescription for Adderall very soon I am going to lose my mind." Then it occurred to me: I finally have my appointment tomorrow. Yes, my "shrink" who is the only person in my world authorized to give me a prescription for said controlled substance, was so hard to get in to see, and I am so scattered that I failed to even try to get an appointment to see her until I was nearly out of the little peach pills, that I have now been something like two weeks without. I've managed to keep my career afloat - even did some pretty magnificent work along the way - but these last couple of days have made me wonder.

Exhibit A:

Yesterday, I found myself walking around my home, from room to room, thinking "WHERE could I have put my cup of coffee???" It wasn't until I walked into the kitchen and looked up to the little shelf where I keep my mugs, and saw all of them sitting there, clean and waiting for me, that I realized I had not even poured my first cup of coffee of the day. This was two and a half hours after I'd brewed my pot of coffee. People, I'm telling you, there's something horrifically wrong about forgetting to even pour a yummy cup of java in the morning.

Decided I'll forgo Exhibits B - H because writing them here would bring even more distractions from the Already Way Too Hard To Keep Up With schedule today. Let me just tell you that recalling that I did, indeed, still have 1/2 of a little ole' Adderall, waiting in that drawer in the other room, and that I can, indeed, finally take it, and get some uninterrupted work done this afternoon is about the happiest thing I know. And tomorrow? I'll get a whole new prescription and normal Life As I Know It With The Help Of Mind-calming Medications can resume in all its welcome splendor.

Back to work then? I figure that little half a pill will kick in any minute now...