Saying yes, Mr. Pie fun & general life goodness

Dear Blog Readers,

I am fine. And I am still saying "yes" to really fun, interesting projects.

It's funny the amount of direct email responses that last blog post about relearning to say "no" has generated. It also occurs to me that I needed to say hello before some of you became even more alarmed that I said "no" to the wrong person and I ended up in a dumpster somewhere.

No worries. Not in a dumpster. Just having a week with lots of personally and professionally interesting things in it. Plus I got to have a date with Mr. Pie last night, and that's never a bad thing. In the picture here, you might say he was claiming Qdoba for himself. Yep: he was pretty much The Man at dinner. Then at the park later on, too, when he ran wildly from place to place, making the whole place his own. He's had a cold but apparently that does not slow him down one bit.

On the "saying no" front, things are pretty good, too. I've solidified some of my thinking about what projects I do and do not want to accept, going forward. And which ones I'm going to try to let go. But just as life is generally fluid, these decisions are too. Sometimes I'm going to slip up and reconsider my assertions and sometimes I'm going to hold firm and not take on the kinds of projects I was taking on in the past. We'll see how it goes.

And today? I'm getting a new muffler on my car, making new fun earrings for my Etsy shop, returning some calls I'm behind on, and doing some other things I've needed to handle. If I've failed to return your call or email, never fear. I'm here, I'm fine, and happily busy. Just kinda' doing my thing...kinda' like the rest of you.