Your blog: if your parents had THEIR say...

It seems your parents don't much love reading your blog and finding "the p word" there. You know - that word I used  in the 5th paragraph of my post last night.

Aside from the fact that I would have known this instinctively, had I bothered to give it much thought before I published it, I know for sure because of a phone conversation we had a little while ago. Went something like this:

Mom: (Upon finally hearing my voice on the phone after her 3rd phoned-in attempt to reach me today.) How are you?
Me: Great! How are you?
(Before she can get out another word, I hear my father's voice in the background - the roles are usually reversed.)
Dad: You've run out of things to blog about, haven't you?
Me: I'm sorry, wha.... Oh. That.
Dad: Yep. You've run out of things to write about in your blog!
Me: You know what? I have decided that I'm tired of people telling me what I can and cannot write about in my blog. So I'm going to write whatever I want.
Dad: I know you will!

C'mon people. Give or take Half The Population Of Every Walking Person On The Face Of The Earth? They have one of those things. Same as they have 2 arms, one nose, a mouthful of teeth.

I just deleted a whole paragraph in which I went on about what it was I didn't write about the offending member. Because it was rude and there was no point.

So here we have it. My blog gets dull sometimes. And many times I think it's because I so censor myself that my natural voice can't come through. My parents love me. I know and very much value this. My parents love that I'm a lady. That I don't write with a potty mouth on my blog. So on and so forth. They have a right to this. But yea. Sometimes I say stuff like "penis" and sometimes I feel the urge to write it, too.

Stay tuned: tomorrow we'll be talking about something really juicy! Well, if we feel so inclined, that is. Although prolly not. It's just as likely I'll revert to writing about something related to website development, or issues involving low-light in the photography of my jewelry designs, or how I've Only Got One Fourth Of An Adderall Left To My Name And No Appointment With The Prescription-Writing Doctor Until Next SATURDAY. Yea, chances are that's the kind of thing I'll write about. I'm just sayin' if I want to mention unmentionable things? Maybe at this stage of the game I'll just go ahead and mention 'em.

Love you Mom & Dad. Really!!! (insert sweet, innocent, incredibly compelling smile here) Apparently I'm always going to be a little girl sometimes. No matter how many birthdays I have.