Because I promised I wouldn't post the other one

Since Mr. Pie came into the world, this family paparazzi phenomenon has evolved. Everybody seems to have a camera on hand when he's around and there's more than one family member in the vicinity. Works both in our favor and against us: he's generally the subject and so the original kids in this family aren't as likely to end up in unexpected snapshots. The upside is that with the cameras snapping so often, we still end up in far more shots than we like.

My parents were in town Sunday night, and sure enough, His Highness was photographed more often that night than I was in my entire childhood. Grandparents want to be sure and capture every possible charming action he pulls out of his bag of tricks, and I'd say they did the job.

After dinner, somebody decided we'd go for ice cream, and so we did. I'll spare you the details of how Pie stole the show at the ice cream shop. It had to do with Not One Single Adult In His Entourage thinking it was a bad idea to let the kid take the two balloons Grandma had blown up for him on the drive, when we got out of the van. So you might say he made some new friends.

Later on, "Papa" started taking sneaky shots; we thought he was photographing the little one - I mean, wouldn't you be? - but all of a sudden it became clear to me that he was, in fact, taking pictures of his girls. It's hard to gripe when your photo is being taken when you've taken as many unwelcome photos, over the years, as I have. But I don't have to look like I'm enjoying it! Nope.

Turn about is fair play, though. You know I got my hands on that camera, too!

Good times with the family; it's always nice when they visit.