New Stuff

Yesterday I bought one of these. Now maybe my overworked, tired, fed-up laptop will stop overheating. Yay for the Belkin laptop cooling pad! I had a good laugh, yesterday, when I started using it and remembered the guy in Costco who first advised me about it. (Not a Costco dude. Just a dude who felt chatty.) He said it's nice, but it's loud. (That thing in the middle is a fan that runs because of the USB-connected cord that plugs right into your laptop!) I guess that guy doesn't play music Every Time His Laptop Is Running. Couldn't hear a thing.

Meanwhile the coffee maker that was meant to replace my other one? The one I wrote about over here? Yea, it came this weekend. And while I won't laud it as being quite as amazing as the one of which I dream, which not only pours my coffee with no dripping but also keeps it warm - off the burner - in a stainless carafe, this one has its perks. (My recalled one didn't pour well. It only kept my Nursed All Morning Long coffee from burning.)

Turns out my new Black & Decker Smart Brew does, in fact, pour a cup of coffee without spilling it everywhere. Doesn't necessarily make the coffee quietly - you know your coffee's on the way, for sure - but yay, no spills!