Found perfect distraction from meds-induced turmoil

Yesterday, after my sister had a heart-to-heart with me over the phone, explaining that she thought the time had come for me to consider switching from the Vyvanse I've been taking this week, to another ADD med, I gave myself permission to acknowledge just how hard a week it's been. And how much I needed something immediate to distract me from the chemical-induced angst or sadness or anxiety or irritability or depression or Whatever It Is That Specific Prescription Brought To My Life Which Took Away My Particular Blend Of Optimistic Light. Since it was the person who probably knows me better than anyone else who was saying this to me, and she isn't prone to telling me how to live my life, AND she was saying it to me with calm, concerned love, I took her words seriously.

But making the decision to change one's meds doesn't immediately eliminate the negative side-effects from said about-to-be-discarded prescription. So yea, I needed Some Pie Time. Easily-enough scheduled. We chose Chick-fil-A as our dining destination, and immediately the distractions began.

One of the most notable changes in my nephew these days is the explosion of words within his vocabulary. He'll point at item after item, naming each for me, grinning at my approving responses, and then babble off sentences so quickly (and oft-incoherent to me, making it necessary for sister to translate,) that I marvel at the emerging child-no-longer-baby before me. He had the Grandma-gifted Cars movie crayons which were going to be a prime distraction at dinner. Good idea! (Sometimes we've dined with no toys whatsoever, and I lauded my sister's foresight yesterday, obvious as it might seem - you and I, see, have the luxury of saying "Duh! Of course you bring toys and crayons to distract the toddler!" WE don't have the toddler to wrangle while trying to get out of the house on time to even meet us for dinner!) He had a Very Cool Box, too. DADDY'S box! he explained to me. And on it went.

As those of you with toddlers of your own (or toddlers in your inner circle, as it were,) will recognize, our evening included many unexpected highlights such as:

  • an attempt to walk over and acquire for his own use and enjoyment the balloons from another child's birthday party,
  • the accidental spilling of "Mimi's" (that's me!) cup of water Right There In The Middle Of The Restaurant,
  • the gleeful exclamations revolving around His Very Own Balloon which was easily-enough acquired (though said balloon had to go in time-out when The Sultan of Cool kept thinking it was funny to wrap the balloon's ribbon around his neck,)
  • the discovery that Mom was holding a seriously yummy milkshake (never saw this kid work a straw so adeptly!)
  • and his managing of a 5ish-year-old little girl whose presence called to the surface every ounce of patience and insight, seeing as how she was One Of The Most Irritating Small People I Have Ever Encountered In My Whole Entire Life (even though, from the blatant ignoring of her by the mother who remained outside in the dining room each time her child ran in and out of the playroom, leaving the other adults watching the children we'd brought for fun, to - as delicately as possible - protect our little lovies from her intrusiveness into their personal space, bossiness, pushing, screeching, unpleasant-accented voice, and clinging to the adults who were actually very interested in hanging with their own children, and not the annoying one, who my compassionate, aware side realized was clearly not receiving enough attention in her young life, and so is - through no fault of her own - turning into one of those children who is going to struggle a great deal in life and OH if only her mom could have the brilliance of my insight and nip her child-rearing habits in the bud right now. Although yea, discerning readers will quickly recall that I am, in fact, not a mother, and therefore must admit that I have No Right Whatsoever To These Insights Or Judgments In The Slightest.) I'm just saying - Mr. Pie? He dealt with That Most Irritating Child Almost Better Than I Did. Made his auntie proud.

And later? Our little klepto stole my cheap sunglasses from my handbag and had a little fun in the backseat of his mom's car. Which we discovered when he declared, "I cool!" to get our attention when he'd put the shades on himself.

Gonna' see him again tonight, too. 'Cause he's the best distraction I know from icky side-effects. Although the weird involuntary, compulsive twitch is still here. I guess you can't expect a toddler to fix everything!

PS: NO my sister does not dress her 2 year old in wifebeaters. That's a regular-kid teeshirt. The sleeve just got pushed up that way and I didn't notice until I saw these pictures. So ya know.