Still not sure about Twitter? Maggie Mason can help.

Just finished reading a fun article by Margaret Mason on Twitter etiquette. She's the same person who wrote No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, that I subsequently mentioned in my blog back here at It's true: they probably don't care.

A little snippet for you to set the tone:

Technically, this isn’t an article about the things Twitter does, it’s an article about the ways in which you can accidentally annoy people with Twitter. Should you choose to avoid Twitter, that’s fine. Enjoy your coffee. Ours is cold now because we were photographing the latté art to share with all our friends, but you can drink yours in solitude.

People use Twitter to do and say any number of things. Want to send email-productivity tips in 140 characters or less? Great. Want to set up a special account so you can twitter as a character from Gossip Girl? Done.

If you're still not sure if Twitter is the way to go to help connect with your peeps or to promote your (fill in the blank: blog, book, product...) then you might find a few gems in Mason's piece. And if you're already down with Twitter? You'll prolly get a laugh or two as you recognize the annoying behaviors highlighted in her piece. Just hope they're not YOUR actions she's illuminated for us!