Colorful appendages, caffeine withdrawals & other thrilling details

Forgot to buy some decaf yesterday. Oops. My self-mandated project, now that I'm returning to the land of Consistently Medicated ADD Types, is to decrease my caffeine intake. By rather a lot. There will certainly be no cold turkey for me. I need to be functional and this girl has gotten herself a considerable dependency on the stuff. Never mind. Today I only get 2 cups of coffee. (As opposed to the notably-higher-than-that quantity I drink most days.) Then perhaps tomorrow I'll add decaf to the mix and start decreasing the content a bit, that way, too. Otherwise, with the Vyvanse I've added to my morning routine, I'll be concerned about my blood pressure. Not trying to take flight...just want to settle my mind so I can work.

In other news, my pinky has now settled on a nice brownish purple. These photos were from last night before the hint of brown had emerged. I wish I'd shot the photos on Sunday night when it was black. THAT would have been a cool photo. So yea: further proof I'm a klutz. While helping a friend move the other night, I was moving some things around in the trunk of my car to make room for some more of her things. Somehow, after the February flat tire, I failed to put the jack back down into the tire well where it's supposed to be. So I was remedying that little oversight. Yea. I smashed my pinky with a car jack. Thought I'd record it. Maybe as a little reminder to be a little more careful or something? Nah. I just think the colors are cool. Remarkably, I can bend it effortlessly and don't have too much trouble typing, either! Good thing.

Otherwise, I'm waiting for evidence of this morning's dose of That Which Will Help Me Focus to do its business while trying to keep my mind off the headache I had throughout the last half of my night's sleep, and with which the morning greeted me, the sore throat which appeared yesterday evening, and the cramps. Yea. I threw some ibuprofen in there just for fun.

Remarkably I'm in an exceptional mood! Let's see how much work I can get done this interesting morning, shall we!