"Well informed" about side-effects

It's probable I'm nervous because it's been years since I tried a new prescription for a medication that treats the symptoms of ADD. And that the last time around, I'd had plenty of advance notice, and had done some online research. A lot of online research. I'd known it was coming: figuring out the best meds for calming my Attention Deficit Mind was a tricky process that took a lot of time. And although Adderall has given me stellar results, the side-effects generally make it advisable for me to take something else on the side. A little ADD cocktail. Would be nice to avoid that if possible.

Therefore, this weekend, when I went for the much-anticipated appointment, it surprised me a little to learn that there's something else on the market. Shouldn't have surprised me, I guess, since it's been nearly 2 years since I've been for this kind of appointment.

So I just took my first Vyvanse. Ten minutes ago. And now I'm sitting here all nervous, letting my mind run a little wild, over the suggestions that maybe it'll turn me into a Raving Irritable One, or worse. (Irritability comes up a lot in the paperwork.) Here's a little rundown on what one website offers as the percentage of people in trials who exhibited Vyvanse-related reactions. Unpleasant ones:

  • Dry Mouth 26%
  • Diarrhea 7%
  • Nausea 7%
  • Feeling Jittery 4%
  • Blood Pressure Increased 3%
  • Heart Rate Increased 2%
  • Decreased Appetite 27% - Woo hoo!!!
  • Anorexia 5%
  • Tremor 2%
  • Insomnia 27%
  • Anxiety 6%
  • Agitation 3%
  • Restlessness 3%
  • Dyspnea 2%
  • Hyperhidrosis 3%

I don't even know what a couple of these are. (Of course you know I'll be looking them up, soon enough.) On the other hand, more than a couple of these are familiar to me, already, from other ADD meds I've taken.

Maybe it's best to just think of something else and let it unfold the way it's going to, anyway. I've already discovered tolerable results with other options, and can quite satisfactorily return to one of those as needs be. And who knows? Maybe this will be my little miracle pill. I guess we'll see!