There's more than one way to get a new car!

In February I bought 4 pristine tires for my car. In May I had all its belts replaced. Including The Timing One people are always groaning about. Somewhere along in there - I want to say between the tires and belts but who can say for sure - I got new front brakes. Several weeks ago I got a new battery. Friday when I picked up my 18 year old Toyota from the goodnatured fellas who will fall over from shock if I ever walk into their shop with something from this century, it had new rear brakes and a new hose that was somehow related to those brakes but I don't do mechanical stuff so who can really say what it was for? It also had a bunch of new light bulbs to keep the ones company that I added, also in May, just before the belts. And an air filter. Fresh oil. Some other stuff, surely, 'cause a bill of that size couldn't have possibly only covered the aforementioned.

And today? Yea. I got me a brand new alternator.

Frequently people look at my car and chuckle. They wonder - sometimes aloud, sometimes non-verbally - why in the world I still drive the car I bought in my early 20's. It isn't, after all, a very pretty car anymore. It's been hit by people who failed to bother telling me, twice now this year. The paint is fading horrifically and let's not even talk about the issues inside.

But pretty soon? Yea, my car will be much, much newer than most of yours. Seeing as how I'm rebuilding it from the ground up.

It's hard to want to commit to a car payment when you can't actually remember what a car payment feels like and your ugly old car has, it must be admitted loud and proud, been very, very good to you.

Not that I wouldn't love to have something new and shiny and more dependable than this baby has been these past weeks. But still...the more I have repaired, rebuilt or replaced? The less anxious I am to want to part with it.

Up next: the muffler I'd planned to get last week, the budget for which got quickly used up on aforementioned More Pressing Matters. One, two, three - breathe in. One, two, three - breathe out. At least life isn't dull!