Startin' girl-time early with unintentional voyeurism...

Friend's on her way into town for the weekend, and before she arrives here, she's having dinner with another friend first. She called to check in, see if we need anything she can pick up on her way here, and generally let me know of her itinerary. Having filled her in on the breakfast items available to us, beverage inventory - in case nightcaps are required, & dessert inventory - seeing as how chocolate is nearly always required, I suddenly realized she was clearly shocked by something.

Me: "What?"
Friend: "I do believe I'm watching a young man pee on the side of the road!"

This led to my recollection of a similar sight, while on a train between Scarsdale and Manhattan, years ago. Older dude, just standing on the corner sidewalk, everything hangin' out, doing his business. At about 3 in the afternoon.

It would never occur to a woman to make such a choice publicly. (And yes, to the elegant, gentlemanly-types who read my blog: I know most men would also refrain from such indulgences. Nevertheless, anytime it's been observed? Yea - not women.)

So this led to pointless banter, ending with my self-amused declaration to one of the now-imaginary, inappropriate sidewalk-pee-ers we've each observed: "Why, is that your penis I see, oh Mr. Person Whose Name I Do Not Even Know?" Followed by much laughter on both ends of the phone. Seems we're both already punchy. It's not even 8 o'clock yet.

I foresee much laughter this evening. Silly, girly, pointless, much-needed laughter.

Happy weekend, ya'll!