SavvyAuntie website beta launch - interesting timing

savvyauntiebeta.jpgSo in keeping with The Ongoing Inner Dialog That Forever Keeps Me Company, I woke this morning to more thoughts of what it would take for me to allow the personal and professional components of my website to coexist in peaceful harmony. An obvious change would be to stop blogging about so much personal stuff (for example The Very Much Cool Two Year Old Boy Who Is My Nephew,) and focus more on the business-side of things. Yea. As if that's gonna' happen.

But this is a serious question I'm trying to answer here. What, indeed, can I do to make sure people who visit my site find Exactly What They Need, while allowing myself the freedom of blogging about whatever I want to? Some design updates are playing around in my head, and it's likely that for now I'll just explore those.

But? Along the way, I remembered what a gargantuan industry this whole Mommy Blogger business has become. There's a lot of serious mommy blogging going on. Uh. But I'm not a mommy. Maybe one day I will be, and maybe not. What I am is one seriously cool aunt with one seriously cool nephew. Our relationship is special in ways I never imagined I'd even be try to articulate, much less in my blog. I could quite easily start a whole separate blog devoted entirely to Mr. Pie and Auntiehood and such. Realistically speaking? Yea, I don't have time for this. But it was a cool thought.

Now. Hours later, all giddy with the day's productivity and the happy response of a couple of my website clients, I thought I'd take a quick peek over at Twitter and see what's going on in the world of Micro Blogging. Where I discovered that TwitScoop, (whose "tweets" I only started following yesterday, when they were mentioned by Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger fame - regulars will recall I bought his book,) was promoting a whole new site. A whole new site that's apparently catching the attention of other people, too.

Guess what the site's called? Heh.  Here's what they tell us:

A Savvy Auntie is one who understands that Aunt-hood, just like parenthood, doesn't come with an instruction manual, and seeks to discover how to be the most Savvy Auntie she can be and inspire other Aunties in the same way. She’s savvy in every other aspect of her life; now she can be savvy about kids too.

Turns out it's also a full-fledged community, with networking opportunities and the like. Which is always intriguing to an attention-challenged, tech-intrigued extrovert. But realistically? I have enough social networking memberships being neglected these days. I don't see me actually joining a whole new site today. But still. What a cool looking site, eh? Looks like we aunties have a great new resource for finding cool things to do with our little special people. Good stuff!

Anyway, just thought it was interesting I discovered this site on the same day I pondered, if only for 7 minutes, whether or not I might want to start an auntie blog so as to leave more room here at my main site for a slightly more reigned-in focus...