More about that website dissatisfaction issue...

It's not that there aren't things about my website that please me. Not that at all; I spent rather a lot of time designing it. But as was mentioned over here, I've been feeling less and less enamored with my site. Perhaps it's because of the design, and perhaps it's because of the All Over The Place-Ness of the site. Regardless, themes are reemerging and I'm less and less able to ignore them.

Here's the thing. It's long been a topic of discussion (both on and off my blog,) that I have one website that serves as a sort of home for whatever projects I've got going at any time. (For whatever it is, say, that's "Capturing My Attention" at any given time. Heh.) The problem is, I think it's become more than clear that the end result of this mish mash is that the site is only appealing to the few who love and find me charming. Potential website clients? How would they arrive here and know, at once, that I even know a thing about building sites for others? I've got photos of jewelry all over the place. But even when we look at my jewelry designs, it's been some time since I've blogged about design processes, too. Sure, when I was getting things going with the Etsy shop I blogged about that. But even then, it was spotty.

This isn't new. This is, in fact, well-covered territory. But lately, while immersed in the design of several different sites for others, I'm more and more aware of what it is I tell my clients and what it is I do myself.

One of the things I've been bouncing around in the back of my mind is the new Squarespace Version 5 roll out. It's long-anticipated and could, quite literally, arrive any day. I'm nearly beside myself with anticipation of how much this update is going to change things for the better. ( much I already love my host!) Then, I tell myself, I can redesign my site. But we all know that's an excuse. Because the problem is far more than the design. I have to find an effective way to either lay my site out with clear indicators of what's what and what's where, or I have to find a way to break the site apart into more than one. Which is, as long-suffering readers will know, something I've objected to for a long, long time. More work, more expense, more to keep up with...these are some of the reasons. 

Never mind the excuses. I have to figure this out and stop handling it like so many of the other little messes in my life: with denial and by looking the other way.

How's that for a rainy Tuesday night? Heavy, that's how. Heavy and weighty and seriously tiresome.

But you know what? I love, LUV my clients' sites. And will very much enjoy sharing them with you one day. Meanwhile, I'm gonna' figure this one out too. Eventually...