That kind of disclosure must be liberating

Sometimes I'll find myself reading the blogs of others - generally people I don't know - and I'm blown away by the level of personal disclosure available in their writing. Arguments, rants, breakups, poor choices, personal's all there.

Last week was a challenging week for me personally. But my personal blogging rules kept me from laying it all out. I'm mostly pretty cool with that - I don't need the internet being privy to my most raw emotions. So I write my veiled comments, seek the input of friends, write voraciously in my journal, fill my days and evenings with interesting activities, and keep it out of the blog.

It's always been this way. If regular readers knew the juiciness I've kept out of my blog these last 3+ years... What a fun blog I'd have. (It's a common lament to other bloggers: "OH if that could go into the blog!!!")

So far this less-open approach is what I want. I'm happy to sacrifice the juiciness I might unveil here, to keep my personal stuff personal. But some days? Yea, I'll bet there's something very cathartic about putting it all out there.