Another one of those "good for no specific reason" kind of days

Feelin' a good groove today so I thought I'd tell you about it. The tunes are loud. The clients are responsive. The work is nearly effortless. I even got some invoices out - which is always an inexplicable struggle for me. Yea, it's been a good morning. Gonna' be a good afternoon, too.

Sometimes this isn't the case: I turn into my own worst enemy, trying to micro-manage the details of my life, wondering what's going to happen on this or that front, wondering how I messed up this details, struggling to figure out how I turned this age without having accomplished all those things I could easily put on a bulleted list for you now but won't 'cause we're doing the happy dance today... It's tiresome, really. But maybe that's life? Maybe we've all got a little control freak trying to run things? (Tell me yes. Make me feel better?)

Then there are days like today. And I'm milking it for all it's worth. When I leave here in a little while, I'm going to the home of an ongoing client to work on any number of things I can't tell you about because I don't ever know for sure what I'll do when I get there. It'll have to do with reviewing some web-maintenance things, and we'll review some text she's edited, and we'll look at some book layout drafts and I'll agree to handle the next round of updates. Then she'll offer to feed me. She'll wonder if I won't have a glass of wine. Maybe a dip in the pool. Her husband or one of her sons will look at my car and wonder when I'm going to handle this or that need. (Soon, actually. Really...very soon.) The more I write about it, the happier I am that this is where I'll be today. No solid expectation, just relaxed, open-ended goodness.

And that's where I am at 1:27. Anticipation. Hope your own day is a good one, too!