Extroverted freelancer lesson: a reminder

Been wondering why we can't just learn life's lessons one time, and move on to other things. Maybe you can. Alas...me? Not so much.

So I'm freelancing full-time again. Which most of you knew. This means I could quite easily schedule several days in a row during which I don't actually have to see another human being whatsoever. Being a pretty social woman, I don't typically let such patterns go on too long - there's always something fun to "get into." Still, it hit me this week - again - that I haven't been taking care of Melody's Interpersonal Needs very well. Sure do wish I'd remembered this a month or so ago. It might have helped keep things from getting quite so out of control. But when I'm enjoying my work as much as I have been lately, and there are so many deadlines to juggle, it's just so easy to NOT bother to schedule a steady stream of activities that will put me in contact with a variety of other people.

Today I'd scheduled a couple of back-to-back meetings in a local coffee shop, and instead of waiting to come here, I got out early. After going to the post office to ship two multiple jewelry orders (yay!) I tooled on over here and am happy to report that I'm starting to already feel much more "myself."

When working in an office, this extrovert gets all manner of her needs met. I get interpersonal, face-to-face opportunities for: critical thinking, flirting, spontaneous group laughter, collaboration, water-cooler chats, inane chit-chat - you name it. It's good not to take my need for this stuff lightly.

What does that mean? Apparently I have to do a much better job of getting myself out Amongst The People. Going forward I need to spend at least one or two solid blocks of time in wi-fi-accessible coffee shops every week. But more, too. I think resuming a regular collaborative work session with one of my fellow artists will also be a good idea. I miss those days when we just meet in somebody's studio and chat while we design whatever it is we're individually working on at that time - even if the friend is working in glass and I'm working in clay. It's not the artistic medium that matters. It's the face-time.

Meanwhile, I think I heard about some more live music going on downtown later this week. Maybe it's time to go hear some tunes very soon. Been kinda' craving some wings, lately, too...