Everything in my world stops for this person

With an attention span like mine, I might be accused of being fickle on occasion. My focus turns here and there, with no warning. I'm into this, I'm into that. Very in the moment. Many days it's tiresome. Some things are constant, of course: like my friends, and my family, and my creativity. And this person.

Sis called today, leaving the pool; they'd finally gotten there, gotten all set up, and then, 30 minutes later? Rain. So they had more free time than expected on their outing. Should they stop by? You would not believe my to-do list if I told you. Irrelevant. It never occurred to me to say no. I hadn't seen this little guy in at least a week, and I've been missing him much.

So he entered my home - not very toddler-proof at this point - and proceeded to ransack everything he touched. With good reason! He's a 2 year old. Give him some appropriate toys and some attention, he's a slice of perfection. Turn your back and move on to something else? You asked for it, babe.

The most simple, perfect fun we had all day was covering ourselves with this tapestry cloth/throw thingie he found on my sofa. Again and again we'd toss it up, sitting in the floor, covering ourselves, "hiding" from Mommy, then he'd throw himself onto the floor, safe within the confines of my lap, and kick and kick until he'd brought us out into the light of day. Then? "ADIN Mimi!!!" So we'd do it again.

I'm always a little exhausted when Mr. Pie leaves. And I'm always, always a lot satisfied. The child is always in motion. You cannot keep up with him. But it's so much fun to try...