How to really mess with your inner control freak

Without a plan whatsoever, I am about to redesign my website. Publicly. And then I'll probably do it again. And again. Until I decide to stop.

Why shouldn't I? It's Saturday.  A seriously long week just passed. It was filled with more reflection than usual, and insanely long work hours. Now, sitting here on the living room rug, back against a bedroom pillow I brought and propped against the sofa for added comfort, Sia serenading me, my coffee warming my tummy - I again remember that I don't like the look of my website. Only this morning it hits me in a different way. I hear an old, familiar voice from somewhere it's been hidden for too long: You Can Change The Rules, Melody.

It's well-covered territory that I'm tired of my site's design. Doesn't really reflect my mood these days. Doesn't really best serve my site's evolving purpose, either. So why am I waiting until I have A Seriously Long Block Of Time before I update it? I rave and rave about how amazing Squarespace is (it is; Squarespace blows my mind every day.) Then I help my clients to enjoy it better... but nothing here. No evidence whatsoever, that you can see, of how remarkable are the tools at my fingertips.

It's because I'm a control freak, that's why. I feel I have to have a fully-formulated plan in mind before I'll start the designs. Kind of like I ask my clients to do. It's more efficient for their budgets, surely. Generally-speaking, it's probably good form to have a plan before you publish a new look. But it's good to let go and break a few rules sometimes, too. Time to break a few rules.

So instead of waiting for That Elusive Spark Of Inspiration, I'm going to do something different. I'm going to play with some new Squarespace V5 templates In Real Time. Without a single plan. This morning, because I can, because I want to, because I'm not sure where I ever got the idea that I couldn't: I'm going to play with the look of my website. And I'm going to activate some of the changes so that they're public. Maybe my site will get real ugly along the way 'cause I might break something. Maybe I'll uncover some great inspiration along the way and stop for an hour to design some interesting graphics to complement my discoveries. Maybe I'll use a standard template "as is" and leave it that way for a couple of days, then return to this. Who knows?

My Inner Control Freak is wiggin out. Maybe even more of a reason for me to do this? Kind of think so...