Dork much? W'll YEA!!!

Happy Thursday To You, Internet!

After an emotionally draining few days, during which I couldn't completely extract myself from my own over-analytical head, I find myself feeling like Melody. Which is kind of extra-nice, in a familiar kind of way. Although if you were here you'd prolly be a little skeert. I realized this when I found myself giggling out loud at the smallest thing (to you it's small - to me it's hyoooooge!) related to a little coding mystery in an rapidly-evolving Squarespace website. It was a low, satisfied little giggle, and it grew into something glorious. Having noticed it is one of the simple pleasures I'm embracing today.

If you were a fly on one of these freshly-painted walls (did I ever actually tell you that last week a long crack opened up in the old ceiling of my living room and once the week of repairs were completed I have a new ceiling and also freshly painted waills? No? Yea, well, it happened.) you'd observe all sorts of other things pointing to evidence of what an online friend once referred to as a "Dorktastic Extravaganza" and now? I'm going to tell you about them. Because I want to blog and don't have any other inspiration other than my own fabulous dorkiness!

  • The soundtrack of my day is peppered with what has been referred to as "chick music," which is to say musicians like Dave Matthews, Sia, Iron & Wine, Poe, Imogen Heap, John Mayer. Being something of a chick, I sort of think it's perfect today.
  • Got a phone call from Atlanta, and felt so good catching up with my friend I first met when I was 12. Some days the reminder of what's solid means even more than usual.
  • Have mostly completed the rebuilding of a website that was created within Squarespace, mostly duplicating the look of the site, but using a newer template so as to take full advantage of the new Version 5 rollout. There's something highly satisfactory about being able to fix things you "broke" along the way to creating a site that occasionally confuses you for inexplicable reasons. Have I ever mentioned how much I love learning? Yea. Good stuff.
  • I'm about to eat ice cream for lunch. Because I want to. And you are not the boss of me.
  • Might even do pilates afterward, but I'm not making any promises. I should, though, huh?
  • At six I have a meeting with one of my web clients and together we're going to shoot photos of some of her products. I'm hoping to show her some exciting new things online when I get there, too. Things that haven't yet been done. Oh. Yea. Well maybe I'd better get on with it, huh?
  • After that, I have a "date" with a long-distance friend I've known for 15 years, with whom I love talking and rarely, ever do. Looking forward to that.
Now. Did somebody say ice cream?