Not the most useful thing you'll read today

This is for all you readers who have checked in to ask "Whassup? Why's the blog so sparse?" Five lessons, in no particular order, that I've learned, relearned, or just recalled on this particular Tuesday okay, fine, Wednesday morning:

  1. If you have a blog and you've made a commitment to write in it regularly, it doesn't matter if you find yourself too distracted by personal stuff and don't feel much like blogging - you have to do it anyway. But since it's your own personal blog and nobody's grading you or paying you for it? It doesn't have to be great writing. Or even interesting writing! Handy, that.
  2. If you regularly forget you bought an entire half-gallon of milk and, as a result, it goes bad without your noticing, then you realize that while you're not hungry at all, you simply must eat something before you take the Adderall that will be the saving grace to kick start your morning's work, so you decide on cereal? Mixing a little half-and-half with with water and drowning your cereal in that concoction is not the same thing.
  3. If you're running out of the seriously amazing, magnificently wonderful Southern Lights blend of coffee from Tobacco USA, and you still have some leftover supermarket brand french roast coffee, and you decide that mixing them together might make the most sense, since you're not sure you'll get over to Market Street today for more yummy coffee? You will remember that decision when you take your first sip. Wow. Not really the same thing at all, turns out!
  4. If I need a laugh and can't quite call one up on demand, this video will always, always do the trick.
  5. As will this page.
That's all. Get back to work...