The sound of delirious laughter...

sqspv5.jpgWant to see what makes me happier than any other announcement in the history of ever?

Squarespace, the company about which I talk to anybody who will allow me - endlessly - is releasing a new version of the service I'm already in love with. And they're doing it on Monday. As in A Week From Today. I'm giddy.

From their service announcement, even if you aren't even a little geeky and don't know a thing - or even care to learn, for that matter - about web development, you can tell these are huge moves:

Version 5 contains about 6 times more changes and features than any of our previous updates. The entire core of Squarespace has been re-designed. We’re saving the actual release list until Monday, but you can expect top navigation, multiple columns, editable journal entry slugs (with share this icons built in), live style editing, a revised website manager, a revised WYSIWYG interface (with full Safari support and video insertion capabilities), on-site module adding/editing, gallery image auto-resizing, and and over 70 completely new template variants that exploit every one of these new features. There isn’t a single screen that hasn’t been touched in some way.

Love. LOVE. LUVVVVV me some Squarespace. CanNOT wait to get in there and see what I can really do with it. And not a moment too soon. I'm working on two new site redesign projects, using Squarespace of course, and have convinced the clients to do as much prep work as is possible, postponing actual development until the last possible minute. I want those new templates at my fingertips. The timing couldn't be more perfect. 

Congratulations folks. WHAT a party they must be having up there in NY...