Keepin' it interesting: ceiling hasn't fallen yet!

Not sure if I'm going to blog the gloriously-amusing details of one household-related issue that has peppered my activities for the last few days or not, but when it's all done I might. Let's just say, for the purposes of expeditious Monday late-morning amusement and blogging credits (feelin' the need to blog; not able to really focus on one more thing right now, long enough to find an alternative topic,) that there is such an issue! Let's say that the people who will be handling said household issue weren't too pressed to get over here on Friday afternoon when the whole business started, so they're in and out this morning. And let's say that since I currently do the bulk of my design work in my living room-office area, said issue will create serious impediments to proceeding with a peaceful work flow.

Today is a day filled with must-do activities and critical timing of projects. I'm keen to get some things checked off my list. First? Today I'll be moving my little operation to a coffee shop. But see, even before I do that, it's starting to look like I need to pack up my cozy living room and move all its contents into a safe hideaway down the hall. Seeing as how tomorrow some workin'dudes are likely to be doing some hard core work in this room that is likely to make it inadvisable to keep my precious items exposed to debris. This room where they're about to do some temporary, band aid-esque work to tide me over until said project begins in earnest.

One of my clients emailed a couple of days ago in response to my head's up over why I'd suddenly stopped responding to her emails in our usual rhythmic flow: "If it's going to be funny one day, it might as well be funny now!" And I completely agree. Things are fine, they're going to be fine, and they always were fine! I have a great life, and I'm surrounded by reasons my life is getting better every day. This is a minor inconvenience, it's already generated some laughs and glorious stories, and life experience tells me that This Too Shall Most Definitely Pass. What do I have to seriously complain about???

But if you try to reach me via email today and can't? Better' give me a call, or just sit tight and know I'll write you back when I get a chance. It's starting to look like I won't be quite as accessible as is usual and customary.

Hope your own day is interesting...but only in the very best kind of ways!