There's a lot going on over there

105053-1723215-thumbnail.jpgOn the phone with my sister this morning, listening to a play-by-play of her Decidedly More Lively Than My Own morning.  Then this:

"So I'm sitting on my couch in the living room. Across the counter in the kitchen, I see the fridge door open. Then a huge bottle of ketchup appears on the counter, with little hands wrapped around it. Then my cherub comes running in the room where I am and says, "Mommy. I want fries ketchup." "

We continue our talk, then I hear him myself. First, "I need help!" then a minute later when he's been off on some other adventure. Apparently he came walking out of her closet carrying a little basket and a beach towel. At which time we hear him declare: "Honey? Where's a bag???" 

Never doubt that a 2 year old knows exactly what it is he wants.