That deer in the headlights is me

For days and days I've been going full-speed-ahead, happily juggling the development and maintenance of more unique website projects than ever before. Have been having a seriously cool time. Working at this pace coordinates nicely with my approach to the world. Multi-taskers-r-us. Yea, that's me.

Only now? Suddenly, I'm sitting here in a coffee shop, waiting to meet some clients (the committee coordinating one of the site collaborations,) and I think I may have just hit a wall. Sure, my clients will arrive, and we'll move through the progress and check off the things we need to look at. And miraculously? I will be "on" with no question as to my utter enthusiasm and delight to be working with them. Because I am delighted to work with them; these folks are wonderful.

However? It occurs to me now that it will take a bit more internal energy than usual to harness the charisma and charm. Hopefully not, but I'm gearing up for it, just to be prepared.

Which means when I'm done, I may just well not work quite as much tonight as I've intended. Maybe a little social time will be in order, instead. I'm sure I'll figure something out. I mean, what is it they say about all work and no play???