A serious Scrabulous butt kickin'

105053-1709327-thumbnail.jpgSo this weekend I remembered I was in the middle of playing a couple of Scrabulous games on Facebook. I tend to forget such trifles for long stretches at a time. Real life being so interesting, and all. But then I had so much fun when I played my little words, I went on a challenging streak and started about a jillion other games.

Can anybody say Overkill??? Come ON, Melody. This is just a little excessive, even for you.

From the little message board area, nearing the end of a game in which I had 241 points as of this the last time I checked... but my friend has 398. (This was very, very close to the end, as you'll see if you click the little screen shot.)

Me: (Just after she played a word that yielded something like 90 points or more.) Oh Good Lord, woman!!! I may pause before challenging you again. Sigh. Hm... Okay, I can do this...

Friend: LOL! This game was not typical for me. I just had really good luck and made two seven letter words.

Me: Still. It's possible I'll never play with you again. I'm just sayin'...

And really, with all the stuff I don't know how to do, spelling has always been one of the things I pride myself in being pretty good at. Yay. Now what once felt like a respectable score is trampled beyond recognition.

Meanwhile, has anybody else observed that Scrabulous will let you get by with stuff that would never be considered acceptable playing original Scrabble? I'm just saying. And strangely enough, we defer, too! Nary a challenge. Figuring, as I suppose we do, that "the computer knows best." Plus these games are played over time, and who wants the hassle of a challenge, anyway? We want instant-gratification, baby. Even in our word games!