What a difference a year makes

105053-1687114-thumbnail.jpgAfter writing two and a half paragraphs filled with nothing anybody would ever want to read concerning my lack of focus and inability to get a solid block of work done tonight, I've deleted the whole business and I'll tell you this instead: These pictures of my nephew you see in this post? They have given me an incredible amount of nostalgic-laced delight tonight. The one with all the curls? Taken a year ago in his back yard swing. The one with the silly grin? Taken yesterday as he hurled himself wildly, all Wild Boy Needing To Get His Ya Ya's Out, down on my bed, again and again.

105053-1687124-thumbnail.jpgLooking for a specific photo on my laptop, I took a pause to peek through some long-ignored directories. Discovered some truly happy shots I've been lucky to capture for the family. Because apparently we all do grow up way too fast. Amazing that this little curly-haired cherub sitting quietly in the swing would turn into the person who now looks at his dad and says, "Huh?" then, when reminded to say, "Sir?" responds with: "Huh, sir?"

Wonder what the next year will bring?! Stick around. We'll find out soon enough...