Etsy Shop Sneak Peek - Round 1

Wanna' see? It's still not very big yet, but still...I have a shop!

So yea, anybody who's been following along has already discovered that (as per usual,) I bit off more than I realized when I set up my Grand Opening and said it'd be today, after easily one of the busier weeks in my life. Never mind that, I promised myself a Grand Opening and that's what we're having! It might only have 10 little items in it as of this second, but I'm not going to bed yet, so never mind your pretty head about my sparse offerings. They're growing all the time!

Since I set my goal for the announcement at 10pm, I've been working behind the scenes of this site to update truly outdated "how to buy my stuff online" so it better reflects what's coming. Meanwhile, I've continued to tweak the descriptions and upload photos and navigate the Etsy system so I can turn my words and pictures into a bona fide online shopping experience.

Now. What about that drawing? Well, I've had quite a lot of interest, as it turns out! Hold on - let me see how many entries I'm going to be drawing from... 40! Forty people, exactly (as of this writing) have asked to have their names put into my little old Etsy Grand Opening Drawing. (And since I didn't plan so efficiently, I didn't actually give a cutoff time, so I'll take any last entries up 'til maybe ten minutes before drawing. Which is, in the end, going to be 11:55 (since my original midnight announcement would have put all this business officially LAST night - which, as you can see, would never have worked.) And so if you're one of those 40, your name's in the hat!

Maybe I'd better find a hat, eh?

Being a chemist.

More on that a little later!