What's that? You hate whining too? Skip that post & read this one instead.

105053-1631133-thumbnail.jpgSo check it out: I came downstairs to take the aforementioned shower to clear my mind and get a little perspective. Turns out it's about forty TRILLION degrees more comfy in this part of the house. Which I could have noticed had I really paid attention the last time I'd come down for a refresher on my once-more depleted cup of ice water. That, however, is one of the things about taking your Adderall: it'll get you so focused on a task that you ignore little cues. Like personal bodily comfort. I now recall from a couple of hours ago considering moving the whole operation down here (maybe I failed to mention but I'm house-sitting this week, so my workspace is a little different than usual,) but had blown off the idea 'cause I'd gotten things all set up so nicely in the office.

Never mind. I took that break for perspective and while in the shower gave myself a serious talking to. About how I hate whining. About how everything I'm doing right now is completely of my own choice. About how I don't actually know a lot of people who do what they love. About how my life is a gift and I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to design jewelry I love, and even have the skills to navigate an online resource like Etsy. About how cool it is Etsy exists in the first place and I discovered it. About how I have a product line some people quite, quite like and how honored I am by the appreciation of others for my work. About how it's just about high time I quit griping and get my butt back to work. And Enjoy It Already!!!

105053-1631140-thumbnail.jpgSo yea. I'm downstairs now. Had that shower. My wet hair is up in a turban-towel, feet are up on a warm-brown leather ottoman with the most beautiful surface, the music is pleasing me once more, I've moved my whole operation downstairs - including the necklaces, the beads I never bothered to identify that I'll need to use in some of the still as-of-yet unwritten descriptions, the measuring thingamajiggie (yes, one day soon I'm going to write a post about how it's time to start designing things more efficiently and writing down everything I need to know about the pieces immediately and having that information at my fingertips so as never to have to "touch anything more than once," as I'm told is a great business practice,) and the like. And I'm ready to roll. There was even a leisurely phone conversation tucked in here for good measure (because it's not like I'm on a strict deadline or anything,) and having given myself a serious opportunity to 'count my blessings,' I'm headed back to work.

Ta ta!