The Etsy Shop - Creaking, moaning & groaning into existence

tiredofthisscreen.jpgBack in early March, I ranted and raved over here about how much work was involved in doing everything necessary to set up an Etsy store. Who knew how much work it would really be!!!???

That was before I largely neglected the whole process for so long - months, even - that one day I decided to just suck it up and announce to "the world" that I was opening my shop on June 1. We know how that story turned out - it's a week later and today is my official launch. But the urge was dead-on and I got way more work done, working toward a deadline for which I had some visible accountability. See, I know myself pretty well. I will always let other projects, other deadlines, other distractions take me away from a project of this magnitude. If I hadn't announced it in a huge way, I'd still be thinking to myself, "Ooh, I need to get that stuff together and set up the Etsy shop." Which I actually first "set up" on (Hmmm! Check this out! My mom's birthday!!!) February 16.

Anyway, I knew it would be a lot of work. Had no idea how much work. There are just a lot of details. The Etsy interface for making it happen is actually wonderful. Even more-or-less brainless (in another post one day soon I'll tell you about the things that could have made it even more brainless and smooth for the likes of me - 'cause you know me - if there's a hole I'll fall in it, rather than completely following the directions step-by-step. I've made lots of silly errors. The kind that we of the Easily Distractable Types are known for.

I now have a handful of items in my shop. I've drafted the policies and procedures, written some things about my jewelry and process - which need some serious editing if any of my writerly friends wants to call me and offer your services - and uploaded a pile of photos. Also deleted some in trying to make updates to things I'd overlooked in my haste. And then for good measure? Deleted the whole lot again. (That wasn't my finest hour today.) I'm tired of the heat. I'm tired of my music which I keep changing. That's when you know you're just cranky. I think I'm going to stop in a second for a break and take another shower. When does a shower not make things better? I mean, really...

So, where's the lesson? Well, it's better not to do things "at the last minute" but sometimes the alternative is not to ever get to them at all. You're watching my growing pains from the sidelines. And publicly I admit to you today that I am only sort of enjoying this. Gonna' love having the store. LUV IT. (Yes, I can tell the future. I just know, 'kay?) Gonna' love improving on it as I go along. Gonna' love adding to it regularly. But this heavy-duty, marathon of deadline-heavy grunt work? Nah. Not really enjoying that, turns out, so much at all! Hm. Truth? Kinda' hatin' it. (This is me actually throwing a little grown-up tantrum, if you must know.)

If you've emailed me your wish to be in my drawing tonight, thank you! I've neglected to respond immediately to maybe 7 or 8 of you who've submitted since yesterday. Sorry. I'll try to write you in a bit. But I did get your notes and I'm thrilled your name is "in the hat." Thank you!

Okay, that was a long enough distraction, eh? Back to it. More later!