Still later

Thought another progress report was in order. For the handful of people who may find themselves curious on a otherwise lovely Sunday.

I'm still working. In fact, have realized that there's still so much to do that I won't be attending the much-anticipated social function I'd been planning to attend for months. Or forever, in truth, since it's a yearly event. Sigh. But I'm sure my presence won't be missed so much as to give me unmanageable guilt. Sad, though. Wanted to go.

So yea. Had apparently lulled myself into believing that since I'd shot a honkin pile of photos, several different times, that my images were all in order. And that writing the stuff I need to write wouldn't be that bad... Lies. These things I told myself: sheer lies.

But check it out! I have the whole afternoon to work!

Happy Day to You! And stay comfy; word on the street is temps will reach 100 here. Insanity.