Fun fonts, but no good reason for this...

Given my love for sleep, there is no good reason - no good reason whatsoever - that I should be lounging here nearly comatose from an exceedingly busy (not to mention 90 something degree,) day - downloading fonts. Nevertheless, that is precisely what I am doing.

A client emailed me the name of one she'd like us to use in her in-development website, and I tooled on over to to take a look. And now? Voila! It's twenty minutes after midnight, I am unspeakably sleepy, yet here I am, giggling over silly fonts and oohing and aahing over nice fonts, and downloading some so I can have them for my very own self. Even though I cannot begin to imagine how on earth I will ever find a reason to use at least two of these recently-downloaded fonts. But I liked 'em and had to have 'em.

Yea. Very big fan of the fonts. But sleep already! This is just nuts!