When you're on... lovin' my job

It must be admitted I spend at least a quarter of my life fighting myself. Even when I'm looking forward to my projects, I do this unfortunate procrastination dance. But then when I get into the groove? Babies, it's a beautiful thing. Today, finally, gloriously I hit my groove after a few days of fighting it. Sure, I've had some productive hours this week, but we won't talk about the time I haven't been well-focused on my business goals. I had to turn to domestic and personal tasks for far more hours than I'd expected this week. And this is not the week for that kind of silliness to overtake me.

Never mind. Today? OH what an amazing day I've had, moving peacefully through one project, to another. Sadly I've overbooked my day and won't be able to stay where I am. Happily the things I'm moving on to are much looked forward to. It'll be as fun an evening as it was a fun day.

I guess it'll always be a toss-up.

So. Here's to a night, post-social-activity, of the same level of productivity. And another day like this tomorrow. Sighs of relief all around. I have a very, very good life. Have I mentioned this lately? OH how I love to be in a good design groove with hypnotic tunes to urge me on.

Hope your day has been as wonderful.