Because that can't be the first thing you see when you come here...

I'm just home from hanging out with a friend for a spontaneous evening of girl-gabbing, and I have no quality reason to blog for the third time today. But here it is anyway. Because? I'm vain and cannot believe I posted a photo of me with swollen eyes that occurred because of my newfound cat allergies.

Now? I've blogged something else and when you first come here you'll see something altogether different from before. Also, although I believe in the integrity of leaving things on a blog the way they were, I'm fairly certain that not too many people have seen the last post so I'm going to leave the content intact, but move the photo so you actually can't see it until you click into the post.

Yea, that'll do it. Now I can go to bed without thinking I've scared off every person who visits my site tonight. All 12 of you. :) Or seven.

Tomorrow? Long, long to-do list. Then dinner with a friend. Looking forward to that part. Think there will be Adderall involved, however, to get the day started. Wish me well. Tons to do... But not now. Now I'm going to bed. Cheers!