Permission to use Etsy's logo

So yesterday, while working on a website background design for a non-profit client, I got an email response from an Etsy staffer. Giving me permission to use their logo in this graphic over here. Y'know. The graphic in which I used their logo and posted it to my website 2 weeks ago.


Yes, I asked permission. Yes, I went ahead without it. Risky but in the end okay. What happened was that I carefully searched to find their policies on logo use, then I emailed the appropriate department with my request as advised. The auto reply email indicated that the response could take some time. Approximately as much time as it did, in fact, take. Eek. I'd failed to take into consideration I was emailing a business with a gargantuan number of buyers and sellers. Not sure why, I'm familiar with the company, of course. I know they're considerably larger than anyone I customarily deal with. But I did make that mistake. Poor planning on my part, and all...

So I made the executive decision, on the spot, to go ahead and use it. And I wrote them back and told them that I would, too. Didn't want to be sneaky or insubordinate. I just gathered, from my reading, that the way I wanted to use the logo would be fine. And I was right.

Still, next time I'll plan better and check in for permission further in advance. Which we all know will be difficult, since half my planning occurs more-or-less spontaneously. Never mind. It'll be a great exercise in good business practices.

I must admit that even though I'd already mostly forgotten about my request, it was a welcome relief to get their reply. I'm gonna' enjoy working with this company. I can feel it...