Eew! Gross... Wanna' see? Adventures in cat allergies

So my friend E got a new cat and said it was high time I came over to meet him. Which of course it was. Can't have my friends getting new pets and going along all la-dee-da about my business, not meeting the pets! So after a business meeting, I tooled on over to meet Mr. B., one of The Coolest Cats I Have Ever Met, To Date.

Problem is? Turns out apparently I'm allergic to Mr. B! How can that be? I ask you. Never in my life have I had an allergic reaction to an animal, cat or otherwise! So why now? In fact, all the pets in my family, save one, were cats, my whole life long.

allergyeye1.jpgNever mind. Soon as I started feeling that burning sensation and itching, I knew something was amiss. Went to wash my eye out, and wash my hands too, and sure enough, there was glorious redness in the left eye. Then? Swelling. Weird, fleshy swelling...of my eyeball.

I'm sorry. Did I not warn you enough? It's gross. Really gross, no doubt. Yet I'm so fascinated! The texture of the eyeball has seemingly shifted! It was actually a little scary when I was driving home, as I could literally see the imprint of my contact lens pressing on the surface of my eye and I wondered what would happen if I didn't get it out soon enough. But after that, once I'd removed the lens and put on these glasses, the things of beauty that I wear at night upon removing my contacts? Yea, glorious, refreshing ease...and fascinating, interesting grossness in my eye.

Yea, I know you're glad you showed up here for this. (Nice touch with the unbrushed hair, too, to complete the image, eh? Oddly I think it's worse in person. If you can imagine...)

So what I'm wondering now is how can I hang with Mr. B. without petting that gloriously affectionate cat? I didn't tell you - he's a delight to behold. Is only happy if he's touching a part of you so just after we met, he curled up in my lap, three of his parts touching three of my leg's parts, and went to sleep. The whole time I visited he was just so adorable, all happy to be touching me, for me to be petting him. Now? I don't know...can I just pet him whenever I want, but keep myself ever-aware that we're not 100% perfectly compatible, and wash my hands periodically throughout, making sure not to touch my eyes? I guess I have to figure this out, 'cause I can't really see me NOT petting him!

Meanwhile, my oozing, swollen, blood-shot eye is reminding me of how good I had it all those years with all the unencumbered kitty luvin' I had before now. Maybe it's just a fluke and it won't happen again, right? A girl can hope!