Website design angst - again?

Okay, not angst exactly. But still... I turned on my computer this morning and realized I'm tired of the look of my website. Again. It's been a while, of course, but regulars will recognize this declaration. I love, love, love my site for x number of days, weeks, months - even - and then boom. I'm done.

Only I don't have time to be done. Perhaps I've mentioned that I've got my hand in the design of 4 other websites, two of which are completely new, the designs of which have yet to be decided upon. No, there isn't time for this.

Never mind. I'm feeling anxious this morning and think we might expect some changes on the horizon. Just so you know.

For now I think I'll go water those plants and start that laundry and vacuum this floor and pack those things up that have to go elsewhere. Then go see Mr. Pie! Better worry about redesigning a perfectly functional website another day.