Never too old for stoopid lessons...

So all I'm saying is this: it doesn't matter how excited you are about the perfectly roasted chicken you've just cut up to put into your Very Most Delicious chicken salad and how yummy you know it's going to be. Doesn't matter that you're singing silly songs like a dork, alone in the kitchen where nobody can hear you. Doesn't matter if you decide, along the way, that you'll take a break to do something else for a few minutes and decide to wrap up that chicken for a while and put it in the fridge so you can take as long as you want before you come back to the delicious, much-anticipated recipe.

You Must Still Always Be On Your Guard For Ignorant Mistakes Made In Haste.

That brand new package of Glad Wrap? The one you have to rip the cardboard tab off of and get the roll started just to cover your chicken? See that little strip of metal with the shiny, zig zagged edges? Yea, you might wanna' not slide your thumb across that metal edge really fast.

Thank God for extra band aids hidden in overnight bags.

Be Ye Not So Stupid. It's all I'm saying.

Talk about a buzz kill...