It's the best chicken salad I ever had, but there are reasons this isn't a cooking blog

measurewhat2.gifLast night after I recovered from the annoyance of having cut my thumb, and the fear that it was a really bad cut, I proceeded to make The Best Chicken Salad I Ever Ate In My Whole Entire Life And I'm Not Even Kidding. Then later, when I was partaking of this treat, it occurred to me that I'd mentioned it on my blog, and how irritated I'd personally be if I went to the Interwebs to find a good recipe and found some chick rambling about something that's supposedly so great she can't stand not writing about it... but no recipe.

That got me thinking about how cool it would be to share my recipe on my blog, since in spite of not having actually come up with the idea of chicken salad, per se, I certainly did conceive of this particular variation on the old favorite that has me so stoked every time I think of something as simple as chicken salad.

Then I remembered that people looking for recipes expect you to share ingredients and very-carefully-spelled-out measurements.

It's that little expectation that A.D.D. Chick has problems with, see. Because that's just not how I cook.

Of course thinking of my spontaneous cooking style then considering the extra steps I'd have to go through in order to actually make this recipe suitable for other people, I realized it wouldn't actually be a prohibitive amount of work. Not really a big deal at all. I mean, I could make it again, and actually measure the ingredients this time. What would be so hard about that?

Dear Reader:
Most of the sentences ever uttered in my life begin that way.


So here's the way I make this recipe, and maybe one day I'll take the time for some accurate measurements. Until then, you can tweak it the way you like:

  • Start with a whole, small chicken that's been roasted. Make your own if you like, but I'm a fan of just grabbing one of those uber-yummy ones you can pick up at your local supermarket. And if it's "garlic roasted" or "rosemary & garlic" even better!
  • Pull all the chicken off the bones, and cube the bits into whatever size pieces you like.
  • Dice a large apple, again - into whatever sized bits you like. (I'm a very big fan of personal choice. You see that, right?) I used a Granny Smith apple last night; the first time I made this, I think it was Gala. Both are excellent.
  • About 2/3 cup of chopped walnuts. As always, you get to decide how many or how few. I actually forgot to buy walnuts yesterday, which was disappointing (although the results are still divine,) I just recall the first batch was better with them.
  • Toss these three ingredients together in a bowl.
  • In another bowl, combine maybe 1/2 cup of mayonnaise (seriously, I do not know how much you need to use - you'll have to work this out for yourself,) with about the same amount of Annie's Goddess Dressing. This ingredient is not negotiable. You have to use this specific dressing if you have any interest in achieving the Culinary Bliss I've been going on about. You just have to figure out, on your own for now, how much of the dressing you'll need to use...
  • Add a sprinkle of kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.
  • Then mix the whole business together.
  • It's best served cold.

Yea, I can already tell it's not likely I'll be going back to recreate the process with accurate measurements anytime soon. What a honkin' pile of work that was, just writing the unscientific version! But kinda' fun, too.

Admittedly, I did just add a "recipes" section to my blog. Feeling optimistic, I figured maybe in doing so I'd encourage more sharing of some of the tasty treats I sometimes prepare. You should know, though, I'm always optimistic. Not so advanced in the area of "follow-through," though, turns out...

Go make the salad. It'll make your day. Made mine, anyway!