These are for 'Amma and Papa...

Since I'm the Meaniehead who can't be as accessible on the phone to 'Amma as she'd like, the least I can do is post some pictures of her favorite cherub.

105053-1665746-thumbnail.jpg 105053-1665752-thumbnail.jpg 105053-1665763-thumbnail.jpg 105053-1665760-thumbnail.jpg


So Mr. Pie has discovered the other seats in the minivan and thinks perhaps now he'd like to sit in one of those, if it's all the same to you, thank you very much. So getting from point A to point B was a little more interesting, yesterday, than any other time I recall.

This is also the kid who, just this week, got into the tub and closed the shower curtain and declared "I need some privacy."

And there's the photo album for the morning, Mom! Turns out nobody wants to pay me to drink coffee, listen to good tunes and post photos of my nephew on my blog. So how 'bout some work, now? Cheers!