You know the rain. That seriously cool rain...

Couldn't be more perfect. Okay, of course it could, but it's nearly perfect in a way you don't get every day. You've fulfilled your obligations that had to do with other people for the day, and you've hung out with all the people you're going to hang out with for the day, and you're back home with the evening stretching out ahead of you. You take a couple of phone calls, and respond to a couple of IM's. You do a couple of insignificant-but-productive things, then you notice the rain. It's P O U R I N G outside your windows, and the thunder is outrageous, and you realize you're more than a little fine to be here, right by yourself, without an obligation to any other body in the world.

Except to write something in your blog. Because how many days has it been since you wrote something in your blog? Several. So this is that post. Life is good. Things are moving along in ways that please me. I have very few complaints, and when I complain, truly it's about neurotic things and not at all about anything really worth complaining about... but none of these things really belong in a blog. Seems I'm not too awfully inspired to hunt for clever, witty, or otherwise earth-shattering declarations that might be compelling to my regular readers. Turns out I've been neglecting my blog lately becasue I'm not necessarily concerned or inspired to write in it. But you know these things always pass.

And I'm thinking of you, dear readers, and wondering how YOU are! So here's that note - the one that tells you how cool this rain is and how cool life can be sometimes, even if it's not really blogworthy (or blog appropriate, perhaps?) and that I hope you are well.

Dude... I think it's hailing outside now. Sheesh! Glad I'm done driving in my car for the day! Cheers!