Lost my Gorilla Glue & discovered my coffee pot's been recalled

Black___Decker_TCM800.jpgIt's a Very Melody Morning here at the old home front. First I brewed a pot of coffee in hopes of being ready for my 11 o'clock meeting, since I woke with the feeling that I should stay in bed for at least 6 more hours. Of course brewing the coffee reminded me of my new package of super glue. Because isn't that what coffee is supposed to make you think of? Oh. Okay, then. I'll 'splain!

On one of the legs of these nomadic wanderings of the past few years, I dropped my wonderful stainless steel coffee carafe from my Black & Decker TCM800 thermal carafe coffee maker that keeps my coffee hot for hours without burning it, on the sidewalk, and broke off the handle. This did not make me happy in the least; I'd always liked this coffee maker rather a lot, although it had spent half of its life in storage. And so when it broke, I didn't throw it out but decided, instead, that one day I'd see about gluing that handle back on with one of the enormously successful adhesives on the market these days. (Granddaddy glued something back onto his brother's camping trailer a few years back using a Liquid Nails product and friends rave equally about Gorilla Glue's miraculous properties.)

gorillaglue.jpgFast forward more than a year, and yesterday I grabbed that coffee pot in my storage unit and brought it home with me, picking up a tiny package of Gorilla Super Glue in Target where I'd already dropped a small fortune, what was 4 more dollars for a tiny pack of glue on which the package listed eight thousand uses "plus some plastics." Hm. No guarantees, but I'd try it anyway.

But now I've lost my glue. Fortunately with a carafe like this, the outside is kept cool to the touch while the coffee remains blissfully hot inside so brewed my coffee this morning, sans handle. Then tore the place apart looking for that glue which has strangely gone missing. Everything else I bought on that trip is right where I put it, but I have no recollection of even having unpacked the glue. Which makes me wonder if it didn't fall out inside the car.

Well, so in my search I got curious about the cost of replacement carafes. Never mind my lovely appliance is no longer one of the hot items on the market, and who knew what I'd find? Can't hurt to look. I mean, maybe I don't have to bother gluing the handle back on, at all, risking that one day it might actually fall off during use.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my glorious product was long-ago recalled and I should have put in for a replacement! Feeling a little silly to be registering for a replacement product years after the recall, you know I registered anyway. 'Cause it's a free coffee pot! Duh!!!

Now here's what really tweaked with my brain. The products they're replacing my unit with? Not a single one of them has a stainless steel carafe for keeping my coffee warm once it's been brewed. So I'm backing up to the annoyances that got me to drop the cash on one of these items in the first place, (not unlike the coffee brewing appliances I've been using these past years when I've shared space with others.) But how can I be annoyed? I mean, admittedly I kind of am annoyed, since they're not replacing the item with an equal product. On the other hand, since I purchased this item in, oh, '04 or '05, I feel fairly confident my self-righteous indignation has to be curbed at least a little. Not altogether, 'cause shouldn't they be sending me an equal product? But maybe this is based on the idea of value depreciation or something. I mean, Black & Decker doesn't know my stuff has been mostly in storage for years. I guess it's not a battle I'm willing to fight right now, when there's so much else to take care of. Hm. I'm really waffling on that one.

Thoughts? I'm curious as to how others would approach this little development in The Land Of Coffee Brewing Convenience. 


  • I still don't know where my glue is,
  • I'm about to pour another cup from a pot I now know might overheat at any moment - whether I'm using it with a handle or without
  • I've delayed my meeting by an hour because I am still moving so slowly,
  • I've spent a half hour writing senseless rants about coffee pots and glue on my website,
  • and I'm told a brand new Glass Carafe Coffee Pot will arrive for me within 14 days.
Perhaps your own day started in a more interesting manner than my own. Sure hope so. Either way, Happy Friday to ya!