Magical Expandavocabulary

This person greeted me at the door in his blue PJ's yesterday evening when a friend and I went over to pick up his dad's truck which I'm borrowing for a bit. Once more my heart melted onto the floor as he threw himself into my arms.


From that moment, until I left a couple of hours later, he dazzled us with his miraculous, growing vocabulary. While he's never seemed at a loss to understand what's being said to him, Mr. Pie didn't always speak as many words aloud as some children his age seem to offer up. Word on the street is that's common for children being exposed to more than one language from the beginning of life. No matter: he's catching up now. And becoming quite proud of himself, it must be said. He's becoming especially aware of people's names. I, for example, have suddenly gone from being "MiMi" to "Auntie" most of the time.

A cute addition to his repertoire was putting his new not-yet-inflated swimmie floats around his arms, throwing his arms in the air and declaring "Ta Da!!!!" (Okay, I get that it's not a particularly impressive word, but I'm just sayin' the whole act was adorable.)

But all time favorite part of the evening? (No. It wasn't when he had to go into time out and stood there by the wall, patiently waiting until the dull grown-ups tired of that particular activity they can't seem to get out of their system!) My friend, Heather, whom he'd never met before last night, was in another room before we left. I was holding him and we were waiting for her. He looked over at the table where an unfamiliar handbag sat along with mine and his mom's. He knew it was different. Then his Royal Brilliantness used his powers of deduction (or recall: who knows what he'd noticed when we'd arrived?) to determine the owner of that very specific black and white bag. "Bag!" he pointed out. Yup! It's a bag! "Hedda's bag?" Until that moment, he hadn't acknowledged that his new friend actually had a name." That's right!!!

So from then until we walked out to our vehicles, he waved from the porch in his mom's arms, gleefully declaring, "Bye Auntie! Bye Hedda!" Hedda's response? "Grown men have taken weeks to get my name right!" We've decided he'll catch up with the verbal communication just fine.